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Revert to Randoms ~

cipo_gotta_booner.jpgCipo drops the Ball

it’s true, the honeymoon may be over. After the Tour of Cali … we haven’t heard much from the RockRacing crew. I’ve seen AdamSwitters out there every week, pushing his buck-10 body mach11 in chase of the PROcrit beasts. And i’ve even seen Bahati and his SoCalPosse churning a few chainrings at the regional events … for 12th.

but all the rest? where will Tugboat and the columbian connection race next? What about babyface Sevilla and his cleaned up climbing prowess? awww, poor kids. Looks like maybe Ball took his and went home, eh?

But, not Cipo. Nope, he’s reported to be swinging one last pitch at Tinkoff to get him on the start line for MilanSanRemo. bully for him and here’s hoping all the drama continues on and on … and on.

– – – – –

CycleTo and IBN Sports

People think i’m all up and knowledgy about cycling on the interwebs … but, i’ve got to tell you – if i’m not scrambling for time to toss some slop up on this site, i just rarely get to scour the screens for news of the cool in our little sport. But, thankfully, some will forward me the odd item or i’ll get to nip it off somebody’s website that i’ve bookmarked for must-reads.

cyclto.jpgFound this CycleTo site from the VanderkittenLiz {{LINK}} website … pretty cool stuff. I haven’t had time to explore it much, but the vid section is pretty hip … you can see anything from TFarrar’s TT-crash at T-A, to more innerviews of cycle-doofusi than you’d ever want.


And, i’ve no idea who these IBN cats are, but holeee shyte, you can watch the Visalia crits in COMPLETE VIDEO on their site. That’s just nutzo.

but if you’ve an ear for REAL doofusi talk, i get on the mic about 3/4 way thru the Women’s Pro race and act the fool.

ibn2.jpgMore interesting might be the footage of a few crashes … oh sweet hayzooz, these chicks are tough. With a few laps remaining, there’s wicked coverage of Asplund’s slide out in turn 2. She’s hauling ASS around that corner and just hits a bump the wrong way, sending her sliding across the cheesegrater at skin-flint speeds.

Towle and i didn’t realize how bad her crash was because when we saw her in the pits getting her self together to re-enter the race, she had nothing but smiles and thumbs up of “put me back in coach!”

f’ing freak of nature.

– – – – –

meh__.jpgbio-mechanics and elder idiotry

yup, it’s true … it’s not a decade ago and i can’t just hop on the bike with no warmup and expect to be healthy and happy the rest of my days.

i don’t mind getting old, but i really need to tie a rubberband around an appendage to remind me of that fact.

stupid geezer.

– – –

shyte, gotta scoot. time ran out, and then ~ so do i.



place holder

very fast, very long, very much cash on line for the racers this weekend in Visalia.

i’ll get on the hyperbole train soon enough.

but, you know how time has it’s own agenda…
– – – –
all cool.

InaT overtook BrookeMiller in the long, headwind drag to the finish. The TIBCO leadout was pretty intense with 3 of their women in HelenKelly, AmbertheRais, and LaFranges going ballistic just past the start finish on the final lap. Miller had her arms out protecting her spot, with what looked like Samplonius of Cheerwine looking to bump into the train. Somehow, Tutenberg blasted up onto Miller’s wheel and was given the full-on sleigh ride up to the finish.

Experience is one thing, but … there are few riders who come around Miller in that sprint.

Clash of the Titans.


One of the photographers grabbed this shot of the final lap slide out when VanGilder lost a bit of traction. Sometimes, crashes just happen. VanGilder and Hatch (Vanderkitten) both lost their front wheels in separate spills and had a lot of riders pile down on and around them. Neither was in error … it’s just what happens in bike racing.

We risk, folks. That’s why it’s so sweet, and so bitter at the same time.


but, when you see this kind of stuff at bike races in America … it’s all sweet.



Community. you dig?

white lies in the race of truth

Exeter Time Trial

(NRC for the femmes, BigBragFest for the fellas)

hideousmagic.jpgEven though i’ve only been on my bike a grand total of 75 minutes this week, since some consider me a “personality of the sport” (read as, “jeezus, there is he again…), i was given a late start time at the TT today. Yup, started around the 15 spot … which meant 14 riders all were able to swing a little jollies in my face as they passed my suffering, slobering, knights-in-white-satin ass (and yes, the VOS skinsuit is on the way … but, sometimes you’ve got to rock the dead with a bit of ghost riding, you dig?). Now, i don’t want to say i cracked out there today … but, they should prolly rename one of the San Andreas fault-lines after me.

yeah, it was ugly out there on my end … but i tell you what ~ if there’s ever been a more beautiful time trial course ridden in the history of the cyclo-verse .. i’ve never heard of it.

When BennyJackMaynes thundered past me … it was like watching a roman sculpture given life. Those perfectly symmetrical calves, each delicately split down the middle by a jauntily etched vein, naturally complimented the idyllic scene of soft blossoming hills and delightfully disappearing central valley roads.

It was such a pleasure to be in the same race … well, er … on the same course as such a world class time trialist. Watching Ben roll over that terrain like the jolly green giant on an afternoon stroll … well, if you ever needed inspiration to get out there on the bike and just make the training happen … there it is.

Ben Jaques-Maynes is the man.

starboys.jpgBut I tell you what ~ there are some up and comers in this sport. The Giant Strawberry crew got a big boost from their young stallions … Ozzie Olmos, Max the Jenkins, TDibble. You can’t expect them to push themselves to the level of those top-10 guys … but, you know it’s on the horizon for those guys. And speaking of a top-10 guy … Zwizza stormed to a 7th place and signals to me that the Bissell squad could very well put on a show at this year’s TourDayGeorgia TEAMTIMETRIAL. That is gonna be so damn hot to watch.

And, i think a nice mirror to those young manlies were the rockstar performances of Hutch (x2) and Thurlowtheglow. They are badass. ’nuff said.
– – –

But, we’re really here for the women .. NRC, baby.

armstrong.jpgTo run out of superlatives … is only to be expected when attempting to describe the show put in today by the REAL Armstrong.

Kirsten, plain and simple, is one of those once in an epoc spikes of genetic mutation … an other-worldy combination of preternatural beastly spirit and contained cogitative discipline of the mind. She’s an invading visigoth with a Phd.

just awesome to watch.

But there are other stories to tell…

Alexis the HighRhodes took 2nd in the competition between the rest of the mortals (and, we rightfully call it a “win” for that young rider … ‘cuz Armstrong is THE class in the world when it comes to racing against the clock. i mean, let’s face it ~ if there are a ton more women who can actually compete on an even plain with Kirsten … we should round them all up and breed them like super-soldiers. i mean, we could probably take over a few galaxies with them femmes at the forefront…).

aaronsbeauties.jpgStomping herself onto the final coveted podium spot, with all the spit and vinegar we’ve come to expect, was none other than that micro-scientest of the sport … Felicia Gomez (Aaron’s ProCycling). What I’ve been impressed with in Felicia over these past two seasons is her ability to balance a healthy, steaming plate of ambition, with a nodding, grudging acceptance that at her level (the top of the American circuit), all improvements are incremental and coated with patient, never-ending discipline. She keeps moving forward, and that is greatness in the making.

For the NorCal ~

Van Houweling (MetroMint) showed she is, once again, one of the best time trialists in our talent heavy region. She has a solid position on the bike and can pace herself in a controlled, yet impassioned manner. She gives it all out there and always has a smile to share about it. She makes me want to have fun on the bike.

The face that rises next in impression has to be the EmZell of PROMAN. Her 11th against that field shows how much her inner fire has been stoked and kindled by the PROMAN outfit. They’re sending riders over to Europe, free and clear and wanting them to push their own boundaries of what can be done. Hell yeah, people.

martina.jpgTo say that Martina Patella’s (ValueActCapital) ride today was a breakthrough is almost as big of an understatment as saying KatCarroll’s (Aaron’s ProCycling) was in her amazing fistfull of 5th. Patella and Carroll are actually 2 riders in which i see a lot of similarities. Both are fast finishing hardwomen. They each have a flashing intelligence behind the eyes, even if Carroll is a bit more introverted than the media-savvy YellowBug.

In this and next season, I can see Patella growing into the rider that Carroll is becoming. The powerful Aaron’s rider is an interesting phenomenon – she’s shown she can bang it out in UCI stage races for sprinter’s jersey’s, but also pound away at the horrid, horrid silence of suffering that is the long, solo breakaway … OR, the unforgiving, unrelenting race of truth. Carroll has just become a GC threat.

There are yet more stories to tell, but desert is being called upon and me and the woman are having more fun this weekend then Spitzer spending bonus miles.

more soon,


beauty was in bloom today


Flavia Oliveira embodies VanderKitten


There was no reason VanGilder needed to push 100% today …

but that’s the kind of Professional she is. One of the best US athletes … ever.


oh my Amber … mayhaps a bit too deep in the aero-file?

i better shave my butt …

zells_zwizza.jpghell yeah … i’ve got Scotty Z starting behind me in the Exeter TimeTrial on Saturday.

gonna make that beeyatch work for it.

(however, if Zwizza catches me in the first 5k … i’m gonna crash his ass like la Migra on May Day)

Luckily … i’ve got some fashion disasters planned for this weekend that might distract Zwizza from his goals.

– – –

armstrong_thorburn.jpgHolee reg-sheet … the women’s TT this weekend is gonna be epic. It looks like Samplonius is starting just after Kim Anderson … oh, that’ s sure to be a dragfest up those first few K’s. And guess who else snuck in an entry … yup, Kristin Armstrong from the new Cervelo euro-team.

oh man, this could be a world-caliber TT fest. yeehow!

however, one team interestingly only showing one reg thus far is WEBCOR. hmmm … Janel Holcomb is the only entrant for the GreenMachine. Let’s see if there is a little bit of day-of-race reg action for them.

hutchmajor.jpgand hello … is that Jerika Hutchinson on TIBCO the same junior chicka phenom?

Right on, TIBCO.

Right on.

– – –

majormattis.jpgHey, and just got reminded that with Katherine the Great’s WorldCupWin at Geelong … young Mattis is an auto select for the US World’s team in Italy ’08. That’s pretty bad ass.

But, it’d be better if she was on the long-list for the Olympics, too.

ah well. thanks for the heads up SL.

– – –

gotta scoot, no time for interwebs now, but I’ll be posting all weekend!


beauty is in the eye

wit and wonder


what it’s all about

get UP with people

somethin_special.jpgThe Sequoia Classic is BACK!

I can’t wait to get all the snaps of riders in that TT. It’s a total brag-fest for the men, but on the women’s side … it’s NRC time, baby. My personal wonder? Mara Abbott might be ready to unleash a bit of climby-TT action this weekend. Seeing her bridge solo, attack solo, chase solo … i’m thinking she might be able to ride a TT.

and ~ you heard it here first … Mara Beijing Gold.

– – –

Other Favorites?

for the boys, i can’t but think BenJM is itching to uncork a winning TT. I don’t think Ben’s seen the top of the podium yet this year … let’s see how this weekend rumbles for the best American Domestic Rider.

For the femmes ~ since it’s NRC and a very nice $10K prize package available for consumption, I’m seeing a lot of women opening up the kettles full steam and blowing as loud and long as possible. It should be a great show. The odds-on favorite has to be HighRoad’s Kim Anderson. Her effortless glides around NorCal this spring have been etching “what it means to be pro” in a lot of women’s minds and giving shape to hopes of what we can aspire towards.

thanks for that, Kim.

But i’m also interested in seeing how TIBCO’s Amber Rais does against the clock this year. I’m probably not qualified to say that Rais may be the best “gregario” in the peloton … but, i’ve not seen any better in a long, long time. And, I think her work on building the gregario engine is going to put her on the podium for this TT.

– – –

And what about the CRITS!

Well, for the men it’s a battle between Colavita and Successful Living. They will have the biggest numbers and are both incredibly hard-attacking squads. I see both teams stocking a break with 2 or 3, and a squadra of independents latching on to contest the win. Field sprints go to hell, i say.

and I’ll just be prime whoring again … like always.

For the WOMEN ~ last weekend saw a minor trembling in the fault lines up and down the coast of cali as TIBCO’s Brooke Miller and HighRoad’s Tutenberg went all battle-of-the-goliaths down in the Tower District. The wake of excess wattage that flooded from those thighs and out amongst the Central Valley prolly gave a nice boost to the power grid and saved a few families a dozen dimes, or two on their March utilities bills.

This week, I’m not sure if Tutu is here to play at Visalia, but i see THE WOMAN to watch as being Brooke Miller. She is dedicated, hungry for it, utterly professional, and let’s herself smile at the world, even when seeing a bit of the ugly. that’s class.

and that’s badass.

But, it’s not going to be any kind of cake for Miller because I see two teams LIGHTING IT UP in Visalia this weekend … Aaron’s and VAC.

Aaron’s has the fabulous Felicia Gomez in effect, still rolling her thunder from down-under performances earlier in the year. And we can never discount the mysterious KatCarroll … a rider you could watch for 10 years and still be surprised by. Crafty, watchful, committed, explosive. Good rider.

VAC has been quiet thus far in 2008, but i think the entire team is coming into form right now. They’re just off a training camp i believe, and definitely have the appetite to bite into some big apples. I see this team being in all the moves and taking advantage of any in-fighting that might occur between the big sprint teams at Visalia.

PROMAN will be without their giant-slayer, Olds … and lalaLloyd shouldn’t be called to be on the bike until at least May, in my opinion. But, PROMAN still has the emerging stars of Perkins and Zell. And they always represent in any race … so, i know i’ll be able to get in my cheers.

And we should definitely say something about that new cat, Liz Hatch. Hatch is the kind of rider you hope keeps the love of the bike alive. She’s the kind of woman who is gonna forever get the meow-meow treatment from folks who view her as too pretty for biking, i guess. Whatever. I gots no time for them kind.

nocontest.jpgI mean, as a bike racer – she’s pretty rad. She attacks like a wailing banshee. She hurls herself at races as if it were a barbarian invasion. It’s incredibly hot to watch.

but as far as trying to show some leg and up the interweb-slut-O-meter, you’ve got NOTHING on me, chicka.

In your FACE, VanderLizKitten!

Would you like to do something?

A couple of things, if you’ve a moment ~

Memorial Events

… received this from Dave Parrish. I’m going to try and make the Thursday service.

Hey all,

just wanted to let you know we’ve set the date and time for Matt Peterson’s memorial service, as well as for a memorial bike ride in Matt & Kristy Gough’s honor. It would mean a lot if you could attend these special events.

Matt Peterson memorial service Thursday, March 13, 7:00 pm Sports Basement 1590 Bryant Street, San Francisco

Matt Peterson & Kristy Gough memorial ride Saturday, March 15, 2:30 pm Foothill College 12345 El Monte Road, Los Altos Hills More details:

Please pass the word along.

Best, dp

Christopher Knapp

As a lot of you will know, Christopher is the surviving rider from Sunday’s tragedies. Christopher’s parents are flying from Germany to be with him as he recovers, but in the meantime ~ one of our own could use some love from the community.

Christopher is an intern at BMW San Francisco. A fellow cyclist and a manager at BMW, Regan Clark, will be able to collect any tokens of support we all might want to send Christopher’s way in this time of need.

Are you with me, folks?

Regan will be able to collect gifts or tokens until this Friday at the BMW San Francisco location (1675 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94103). A few team signed jerseys just might be what the doctor ordered. Or maybe a handwritten note? Or how about a picture of you and your team, signed in support?

Please don’t mail anything to BMW at this time as they receive hundreds of parts daily through the mail. Instead, please try and coordinate to deliver the items to the BMW shop, care of Regan Clark, if you can.

And for any down at the NRC Visalia and Exeter races this weekend, I will be there and able to collect any and all tokens of support for Christopher. I’ll coordinate with Regan to get the items to his host family later next week.

I’ll be recording Blog-erviews of Support this weekend as well. So any of you fine folks down there this weekend, please spare a moment and I’ll record your well-wishes to all involved –

the families and friends who remember Matt and Kristy,

Christopher as he recovers,

Daniel and Gephart and Dmitry and all those who stepped in and tried to save Kristy and tended to Christopher and mourned Matt.

i am stunned into silence at what those folks must have gone through that morning.

to all of you, the best wishes.

So, if you’ve a moment – please think about getting your team together and sending Christopher a token of support. Something from you. He’d appreciate it – he’s in a foreign land and survived, thankfully survived, a dark day.

and if you’re willing to say a few words into the camera this weekend, I’ll edit and post them all together in memory and hope for all involved. And please feel free to send me an .mpg, .mov, .wmv, or even an audio .mp3 file under 9 megs to pedalhome (at) and i’ll put them in, as well. I’ll incorporate them all – please get them to me by this Saturday evening.

thanks ya’ll.