when VeloNewz gets it right

will.jpgFrishkorn has a new piece out that is very much worth reading (clickthepic).

Do more than check it out … if you like how he taps it, send word to the VeloNerds that this is the type of stuff we like to see, like to read, like to support.

let them know what you think. they’ve got a “contact us” {{LINK}} form you can shoot a note through (can’t stand those forms, i must admit. makes me feel even less connected to the site … ah well).

I suppose i’m drawn to these types of articles because they’re 1) well written and engaging; and 2) they come from the racer’s perspective. I don’t want to say that some of the writers on the biking interwebs and print media have a bit of disconnect with the everyday bike racer ~ but, if the spandex fits

– – – – –

wemustworkhard.jpgand Mionske’s article about the recent tragedy is worth a read, as well.

it hints at the idea that we need to bridge another disconnect … that between the motorist and the cyclist.

personally, i’m pretty appalled at some of the group riding i’ve been witness to in my day. and, i’ve been more than embarrassed to be of the same species to a few thousand drivers i’ve come across in my days of walkin’ the earth.

but i tell you … it’s not an US vs THEM mentality that will solve this seemingly growing antipathy betwixt and amongst us humans … biped, or bipedal, or buy’n a car to impress or just address the need for transpo.

no ~ it’s more of that bridging, that connecting, that … unifying spirit of … say, a certain presidential candidate.

yeah, we need more of that.


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  1. Hi all who bother to read comments…. I recenty chatted with kathie Reid freelance correspondant for Velo news, my topic of course was the lack of womens race coverage, interviews, topics on their web site. I e-mail them weekly urging them to add more women’s content. i said i would encourage other women to e-mail too, she said better still get men to ask for women’s content……………so blokes… PLEASE write to velo news on our behalf and demand womens content.

  2. or they can just steal my coverage …

  3. that would be fine too! see you at BOD tomorrow? does that stand for Beer On Demand? I hope so

  4. hayle yes it does

  5. I already read Hernando, so no need to get a double dose for VeloNews.

    Still digesting Mionske’s comments, but it is clear that the CHP bungled this from the start, and a close look at some of the Mercury Spews more egregious stuff shows it was pablum fed to the report from a CHP officer. Journalists should filter, not be lead by the nose ring by law enforcement PR hacks.

    But there seemed to be a great coming together on Saturday. Big memorial ride, lots of neighbors out showing sympathy and support along the roads, lots of signs of support from passing motorists. Need to get that group hug together.

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