This is just a casual line tossed down from one of my favorites, the {{LINK}} Baldwin ~

Like the swallows returning to Capistrano, the baby-seal clubbers to the shores of Greenland, or the sleeping drunks to Moscow’s metro stations, spring is the season of return.

or another, just laying around like some luxuriously lost addict,

February is just terrible and ought to be banned, postponed or transplanted to the middle of July.

He’s in Russia, doing his reuters/ap/newsyflash thing. and i say right on, write on.

– – –

nolie.jpgit’s gloomy out today, and i haven’t been on my bike in earnest since … Merco. yup, i’ve got injuries and work is SHIT and about now is when i decide whether i’m going to take up water ballet ~ because, somehow, nothing seems right in the world except my exceptional woman and the everything that she is to me.

so … somebody send me a link of something with kittens, or kids laughing, or flowers blooming, or some such fluff and nonsense.

or maybe, send me a race report about a bike event that DOESN’T bitch about who can hold a line, or who didn’t chase or who yell’d at whom at someother such silly race.

pick a brother up before weakness is succumbed to and the unrighteous smack the unthinking down.

it’s one of those weeks, folks.



19 Responses

  1. Go ride a mountain bike.

  2. Well, you can read about “Our Year in Purgatory” on my blog to cheer you up…

  3. read lauren’s blog
    she’s silly

  4. and sweet jaysus do you have a lot of blogs in the roll. I am only up to “m”.

  5. head up buttercup. you will come around – spring is on its way! Be patient – July and August are the best time to ride and they are still far away! Plenty of time!

    After I heard you gave your prime away to a junior rider I felt guilty for keeping mine this weekend. So even in you current state of race fitness you can still inspire.

    Good to see you last weekend,
    steve r

  6. The technical term is “synchronized swimming,” not water ballet.

    1990 Michigan High School Synchronized Swimming Champion

  7. Injury? Is that why you were not out playing with the rest of us kids at Hellyer last night? Heal fast! We missed your witticisms.

    And I never complain about someone not holding their line, unless that someone is me.


  9. Molly was a synchronized swimmer? And a champeeeon one at that?

    Well, shoot, that oughtta cheer anyone up!

  10. Senor Olaf,

    It’s not kitten’s but it will make you FEEL GREAT!!!! YEAHHHHH!

    El Gato

  11. CHEERED!
    muchas gracias

  12. Water ba…err…synch swimming you say? check it:
    Looks like you’ll have to stick to male-friendly cycling!

    (nice to meet you at menlo, btw, great announcing!)

  13. We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey. ~Kenji Miyazawa

  14. is someone menstruating?

  15. Marscat meant ovulating…cute kitty seen 3/17

  16. hey! she said ovulating.

    cheer up little buttercup. oh yeah, someone already said that.

    you know….

  17. thanks for the shout….keep yer head up over there and breathe deep…silly season is about to get started on the American continent….

  18. hi, Look at the pictures of my new emo hairstyle

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