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cipo_gotta_booner.jpgCipo drops the Ball

it’s true, the honeymoon may be over. After the Tour of Cali … we haven’t heard much from the RockRacing crew. I’ve seen AdamSwitters out there every week, pushing his buck-10 body mach11 in chase of the PROcrit beasts. And i’ve even seen Bahati and his SoCalPosse churning a few chainrings at the regional events … for 12th.

but all the rest? where will Tugboat and the columbian connection race next? What about babyface Sevilla and his cleaned up climbing prowess? awww, poor kids. Looks like maybe Ball took his and went home, eh?

But, not Cipo. Nope, he’s reported to be swinging one last pitch at Tinkoff to get him on the start line for MilanSanRemo. bully for him and here’s hoping all the drama continues on and on … and on.

– – – – –

CycleTo and IBN Sports

People think i’m all up and knowledgy about cycling on the interwebs … but, i’ve got to tell you – if i’m not scrambling for time to toss some slop up on this site, i just rarely get to scour the screens for news of the cool in our little sport. But, thankfully, some will forward me the odd item or i’ll get to nip it off somebody’s website that i’ve bookmarked for must-reads.

cyclto.jpgFound this CycleTo site from the VanderkittenLiz {{LINK}} website … pretty cool stuff. I haven’t had time to explore it much, but the vid section is pretty hip … you can see anything from TFarrar’s TT-crash at T-A, to more innerviews of cycle-doofusi than you’d ever want.


And, i’ve no idea who these IBN cats are, but holeee shyte, you can watch the Visalia crits in COMPLETE VIDEO on their site. That’s just nutzo.

but if you’ve an ear for REAL doofusi talk, i get on the mic about 3/4 way thru the Women’s Pro race and act the fool.

ibn2.jpgMore interesting might be the footage of a few crashes … oh sweet hayzooz, these chicks are tough. With a few laps remaining, there’s wicked coverage of Asplund’s slide out in turn 2. She’s hauling ASS around that corner and just hits a bump the wrong way, sending her sliding across the cheesegrater at skin-flint speeds.

Towle and i didn’t realize how bad her crash was because when we saw her in the pits getting her self together to re-enter the race, she had nothing but smiles and thumbs up of “put me back in coach!”

f’ing freak of nature.

– – – – –

meh__.jpgbio-mechanics and elder idiotry

yup, it’s true … it’s not a decade ago and i can’t just hop on the bike with no warmup and expect to be healthy and happy the rest of my days.

i don’t mind getting old, but i really need to tie a rubberband around an appendage to remind me of that fact.

stupid geezer.

– – –

shyte, gotta scoot. time ran out, and then ~ so do i.



11 Responses

  1. tugboat got himself 2nd in a crit in Pebble a few weeks ago in a big break that included some topnotch folks…

  2. Their big race, the blood brothers three, will be the San Dimas stage race. Three one time Tour contenders hit rock bottom, racing for Rock Racing, in a town made famous by Bill and Ted. Maybe they think they can find that time machine telephone booth that Bill and Ted used to go back in time and find another gynecologist.

  3. bwwaaaahahahaaa….

    bad Nitro, BAD nitro!

  4. IBN won’t let me fast-forward…as much as I’d love to watch an hour + crit, no can do. Wonder if it’s an apple/firefox (which i’m on) thing?

  5. it shouldn’t be a problem for you.
    hmmm, i have no trouble with just clicking forward using the “seek” function.

    see at this link {{LINK}} for where i pushy-push.

  6. I watched it this morning, and the officials were right about the group off the back that thought they were off the front.

  7. dunno, honey.

    i don’t know if we can trust the vid-cut. if you look JUST as the crash happens, there are a handful of women who sprint out of it. And, you can see the moto stopped there.

    the next shot the vid shows is Anderson of HighRoad slowing down the main pack so that the pit riders can join in. HOW COOL IS kimAnderson?

    anyway, like we said that day – the outcome wouldn’t have been a whole lot different with the exception that TIBCO lost 2 riders when they pulled that group.

    that could have been a big difference in the leadout and/or last few lap attackin’ action. either way, kind of a bum thing to have happen all the way around.

  8. Kim Anderson is A+ the coolest, classiest lady out there (Amber Rais close second!) She always encourages our girls while racing, especially the newer racers.

  9. watching it now…finally i hear hernando on the mic!


  10. Kim gave me a push in the Merco RR when I was struggling to make the last 10′ to a would-be break, though it would have been just as easy for her to come around my sorry butt. And she’s just so approachable & nice on and off the bike…I’m a sucker for a girl who’ll laugh at my bad jokes…

  11. Kim Anderson is awesome…as I’ve said before. When she rides with us around here she is just so nice and encouraging, and SO DARN STRONG!!

    Sounds like quite a race. Laura VanGuilder, and two VAC riders (Marni and Lara) showed up on our group ride this morning and were talking about the race….i guess Lara went down hard in the first crash, but is doing ok now. Plus, they kicked my butt around on the SB foothills afterwards!

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