place holder

very fast, very long, very much cash on line for the racers this weekend in Visalia.

i’ll get on the hyperbole train soon enough.

but, you know how time has it’s own agenda…
– – – –
all cool.

InaT overtook BrookeMiller in the long, headwind drag to the finish. The TIBCO leadout was pretty intense with 3 of their women in HelenKelly, AmbertheRais, and LaFranges going ballistic just past the start finish on the final lap. Miller had her arms out protecting her spot, with what looked like Samplonius of Cheerwine looking to bump into the train. Somehow, Tutenberg blasted up onto Miller’s wheel and was given the full-on sleigh ride up to the finish.

Experience is one thing, but … there are few riders who come around Miller in that sprint.

Clash of the Titans.


One of the photographers grabbed this shot of the final lap slide out when VanGilder lost a bit of traction. Sometimes, crashes just happen. VanGilder and Hatch (Vanderkitten) both lost their front wheels in separate spills and had a lot of riders pile down on and around them. Neither was in error … it’s just what happens in bike racing.

We risk, folks. That’s why it’s so sweet, and so bitter at the same time.


but, when you see this kind of stuff at bike races in America … it’s all sweet.



Community. you dig?


4 Responses

  1. How does that photo not completely contradict the laws of physics?

  2. flower power rules! It was great seeing you and THE world famous Sabine at dinner and at the race.

    Get ready to be heckled at Hanford young Skywalker

  3. i love how those little girls are looking at the podium

  4. Happy to make in the blog in some small way, I’m so vain. 🙂

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