i better shave my butt …

zells_zwizza.jpghell yeah … i’ve got Scotty Z starting behind me in the Exeter TimeTrial on Saturday.

gonna make that beeyatch work for it.

(however, if Zwizza catches me in the first 5k … i’m gonna crash his ass like la Migra on May Day)

Luckily … i’ve got some fashion disasters planned for this weekend that might distract Zwizza from his goals.

– – –

armstrong_thorburn.jpgHolee reg-sheet … the women’s TT this weekend is gonna be epic. It looks like Samplonius is starting just after Kim Anderson … oh, that’ s sure to be a dragfest up those first few K’s. And guess who else snuck in an entry … yup, Kristin Armstrong from the new Cervelo euro-team.

oh man, this could be a world-caliber TT fest. yeehow!

however, one team interestingly only showing one reg thus far is WEBCOR. hmmm … Janel Holcomb is the only entrant for the GreenMachine. Let’s see if there is a little bit of day-of-race reg action for them.

hutchmajor.jpgand hello … is that Jerika Hutchinson on TIBCO the same junior chicka phenom?

Right on, TIBCO.

Right on.

– – –

majormattis.jpgHey, and just got reminded that with Katherine the Great’s WorldCupWin at Geelong … young Mattis is an auto select for the US World’s team in Italy ’08. That’s pretty bad ass.

But, it’d be better if she was on the long-list for the Olympics, too.

ah well. thanks for the heads up SL.

– – –

gotta scoot, no time for interwebs now, but I’ll be posting all weekend!



6 Responses

  1. “i’m gonna crash his ass like la Migra on May Day”

    i snorted coffee

  2. you silly!


  3. tape measuring will commence on the line for the Quad contest…..winner gets their bike cleaned by MH while they drink his beverages…

  4. Word on the street is that Christine and Katheryn are both on the injured list. The former suffering broken ribs in a crash in Australia and the later braking her collarbone in N.Z.

  5. oh how crazy was the TT today? BJM taking back to back TT titles and 2-6 separated by seconds….

    KA taking the win by 4 minutes on some of the best TT crankers in the nation.

    can’t wait for the firing pin to be pulled tomorrow in the crit….bring it on Flower Power man!

  6. oh crap! Mattis did break her C-bone? bummer, i thought that it was a bad dream when i heard that.


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