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A couple of things, if you’ve a moment ~

Memorial Events

… received this from Dave Parrish. I’m going to try and make the Thursday service.

Hey all,

just wanted to let you know we’ve set the date and time for Matt Peterson’s memorial service, as well as for a memorial bike ride in Matt & Kristy Gough’s honor. It would mean a lot if you could attend these special events.

Matt Peterson memorial service Thursday, March 13, 7:00 pm Sports Basement 1590 Bryant Street, San Francisco

Matt Peterson & Kristy Gough memorial ride Saturday, March 15, 2:30 pm Foothill College 12345 El Monte Road, Los Altos Hills More details: http://rememberingmatt.blogspot.com

Please pass the word along.

Best, dp

Christopher Knapp

As a lot of you will know, Christopher is the surviving rider from Sunday’s tragedies. Christopher’s parents are flying from Germany to be with him as he recovers, but in the meantime ~ one of our own could use some love from the community.

Christopher is an intern at BMW San Francisco. A fellow cyclist and a manager at BMW, Regan Clark, will be able to collect any tokens of support we all might want to send Christopher’s way in this time of need.

Are you with me, folks?

Regan will be able to collect gifts or tokens until this Friday at the BMW San Francisco location (1675 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94103). A few team signed jerseys just might be what the doctor ordered. Or maybe a handwritten note? Or how about a picture of you and your team, signed in support?

Please don’t mail anything to BMW at this time as they receive hundreds of parts daily through the mail. Instead, please try and coordinate to deliver the items to the BMW shop, care of Regan Clark, if you can.

And for any down at the NRC Visalia and Exeter races this weekend, I will be there and able to collect any and all tokens of support for Christopher. I’ll coordinate with Regan to get the items to his host family later next week.

I’ll be recording Blog-erviews of Support this weekend as well. So any of you fine folks down there this weekend, please spare a moment and I’ll record your well-wishes to all involved –

the families and friends who remember Matt and Kristy,

Christopher as he recovers,

Daniel and Gephart and Dmitry and all those who stepped in and tried to save Kristy and tended to Christopher and mourned Matt.

i am stunned into silence at what those folks must have gone through that morning.

to all of you, the best wishes.

So, if you’ve a moment – please think about getting your team together and sending Christopher a token of support. Something from you. He’d appreciate it – he’s in a foreign land and survived, thankfully survived, a dark day.

and if you’re willing to say a few words into the camera this weekend, I’ll edit and post them all together in memory and hope for all involved. And please feel free to send me an .mpg, .mov, .wmv, or even an audio .mp3 file under 9 megs to pedalhome (at) hotmail.com and i’ll put them in, as well. I’ll incorporate them all – please get them to me by this Saturday evening.

thanks ya’ll.


4 Responses

  1. Dave: I am a licensed mental health practitioner with a background in PTSD, as well as a RN. I would like to extend to any of the riders that were on scene at the accident my support, should they need to talk. Many of them may know me from medical support at races. I live in Marin and we can meet informally anywhere and at races through this year.

    For anyone that may have witnessed or been a part of a traumatic cycling accident, the effects on you very often are delayed & unrecognizable by you. You can approach me anytime at cycling events or concern you may have about a fellow cyclist.

    It takes a village…

  2. Hi Michael, I’ll do the same thing for anyone at Land Park/Zamora this weekend. If anyone has items feel free to look me up and I’ll get them to the right place after the weekend.

    I’ll be racing M35+123’s both days, but will be at Zamora ALL Sunday as Mex is racing in the late afternoon. If you want to co-ordinate prior, my email is robert (dot) winder (at) gmail (dot) com

    See you at the races.


  3. […] on NorCal Cycling News, MH has made a very generous offer of his time to collect items from teams that may want to contribute to Christopher Knapp this weekend whilst […]

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