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somethin_special.jpgThe Sequoia Classic is BACK!

I can’t wait to get all the snaps of riders in that TT. It’s a total brag-fest for the men, but on the women’s side … it’s NRC time, baby. My personal wonder? Mara Abbott might be ready to unleash a bit of climby-TT action this weekend. Seeing her bridge solo, attack solo, chase solo … i’m thinking she might be able to ride a TT.

and ~ you heard it here first … Mara Beijing Gold.

– – –

Other Favorites?

for the boys, i can’t but think BenJM is itching to uncork a winning TT. I don’t think Ben’s seen the top of the podium yet this year … let’s see how this weekend rumbles for the best American Domestic Rider.

For the femmes ~ since it’s NRC and a very nice $10K prize package available for consumption, I’m seeing a lot of women opening up the kettles full steam and blowing as loud and long as possible. It should be a great show. The odds-on favorite has to be HighRoad’s Kim Anderson. Her effortless glides around NorCal this spring have been etching “what it means to be pro” in a lot of women’s minds and giving shape to hopes of what we can aspire towards.

thanks for that, Kim.

But i’m also interested in seeing how TIBCO’s Amber Rais does against the clock this year. I’m probably not qualified to say that Rais may be the best “gregario” in the peloton … but, i’ve not seen any better in a long, long time. And, I think her work on building the gregario engine is going to put her on the podium for this TT.

– – –

And what about the CRITS!

Well, for the men it’s a battle between Colavita and Successful Living. They will have the biggest numbers and are both incredibly hard-attacking squads. I see both teams stocking a break with 2 or 3, and a squadra of independents latching on to contest the win. Field sprints go to hell, i say.

and I’ll just be prime whoring again … like always.

For the WOMEN ~ last weekend saw a minor trembling in the fault lines up and down the coast of cali as TIBCO’s Brooke Miller and HighRoad’s Tutenberg went all battle-of-the-goliaths down in the Tower District. The wake of excess wattage that flooded from those thighs and out amongst the Central Valley prolly gave a nice boost to the power grid and saved a few families a dozen dimes, or two on their March utilities bills.

This week, I’m not sure if Tutu is here to play at Visalia, but i see THE WOMAN to watch as being Brooke Miller. She is dedicated, hungry for it, utterly professional, and let’s herself smile at the world, even when seeing a bit of the ugly. that’s class.

and that’s badass.

But, it’s not going to be any kind of cake for Miller because I see two teams LIGHTING IT UP in Visalia this weekend … Aaron’s and VAC.

Aaron’s has the fabulous Felicia Gomez in effect, still rolling her thunder from down-under performances earlier in the year. And we can never discount the mysterious KatCarroll … a rider you could watch for 10 years and still be surprised by. Crafty, watchful, committed, explosive. Good rider.

VAC has been quiet thus far in 2008, but i think the entire team is coming into form right now. They’re just off a training camp i believe, and definitely have the appetite to bite into some big apples. I see this team being in all the moves and taking advantage of any in-fighting that might occur between the big sprint teams at Visalia.

PROMAN will be without their giant-slayer, Olds … and lalaLloyd shouldn’t be called to be on the bike until at least May, in my opinion. But, PROMAN still has the emerging stars of Perkins and Zell. And they always represent in any race … so, i know i’ll be able to get in my cheers.

And we should definitely say something about that new cat, Liz Hatch. Hatch is the kind of rider you hope keeps the love of the bike alive. She’s the kind of woman who is gonna forever get the meow-meow treatment from folks who view her as too pretty for biking, i guess. Whatever. I gots no time for them kind.

nocontest.jpgI mean, as a bike racer – she’s pretty rad. She attacks like a wailing banshee. She hurls herself at races as if it were a barbarian invasion. It’s incredibly hot to watch.

but as far as trying to show some leg and up the interweb-slut-O-meter, you’ve got NOTHING on me, chicka.

In your FACE, VanderLizKitten!


10 Responses

  1. honey

    I hate to break this to you, but you’re too pretty for biking too.

  2. Never mind about the legs. If the attention economy were real you’d both be on the Forbes Rich List

  3. i’m ready for my close-up, mister demille

  4. Damn you. Why did you introduce me to Miss Hatch?!?! She is freakin hot. Think pure thoughts…. Think pure thoughts….

  5. oh hellyeah….road painting party Saturday morning prior to the TT….

    flower power vs the legs of de liz? omg…..

    mmmmm…hot legs contest post TT party….even my lady loves liz’s legs…yowza!!

  6. when will liz step up to the challenge and measure her quads?!

    and regarding brooke miller– you forgot her most important attribute: SHE LIVES IN OHIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. hmmm…quad measuring at the TT Start?

    largest quad’s men/women win a free shaving cream at the Pro awards ceremony on Sunday sponsored by NorCalCyclingNews?

  8. free shaving at the awards ceremony, happily sponsored by

  9. alright now, Hernando vs. KittenLiz. A battle that makes me wish we were heading south rather than north this weekend.

    BTW, no sponsor yet for the podium shaves? How about a volunteer to man the razors?

  10. *getting out the measure tape and putting in my bag* –

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