let’s get back to making fun of shit …


what is UP with this crooked helmet fashion-disaster?
that’s punishable …


does Mactier get “up” for races, or what?


is this one of my favorite photographers, or the guy who just mugged me?


kat howard = bratz doll on a bike
… they need to market that action


martina … it’s like a 6th sense, her and cameras.
look for her to make a showing these coming weeks. i think VAC is beginning to rev their engines.

peace out, gonna be back to writing consistently asap.


11 Responses

  1. Awesome to watch you race on Sunday – u were killin it! did u hear me cheering for u at the hair pin?

  2. Those socks are just wrong… where were your VBs

  3. I love it when you say lovely things about my VAC girls!!
    Thanks so much:-)

    Director Hunt

  4. Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, John Wayne.
    All the biggies wore those brims tilted.
    You are just stylin’ man.
    i gotta try that; maybe i can go “fast like mike”?
    style on!

  5. Am I the only one who thinks it was kind of silly for Levi to race the TTT by himself? Would anyone else have been allowed to pull that off?

    I will admit that it was exciting to see him there. Does that make discrimination ok?

  6. What! Did Levi race the Pinole TTT by himself? Thats funny!

  7. Since Levi was riding for a time only it isn’t that strange that he got to ride by himself. If someone less well known wanted to ride just for time by themselves I’m not so sure the promoting club would have been so cooperative but fame does have advantages.

  8. he won by over 2 minutes solo? hmmmmm…

  9. He needed to test that new top fuel he is running before he nose-breathes his way to another prestigious Copperopolis win…..

  10. dude
    bing crosby
    frank sinatra
    john wayne
    all those cats wore the lid at THE angle.
    you be stlyin hangin with those giants….
    i all in.
    ciao baby

  11. thanks for props for this weekends gigs;
    exeter house of pain;
    visalia round n round…
    see ya there

    ciao baby

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