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Subject: [ROMP] Cyclists killed in Stevens Canyon

> My condolences to Chris, Julie, Paule and the rest of the Roaring Mouse
> crew. Also to the families of Matt and Christy.
> Berry
> Two Bikers Killed in Crash With Sheriff’s Deputy
> CUPERTINO, Calif. (KCBS) — Two bicyclists were killed, and another
> suffered major injuries after being hit by a Santa Clara Sheriff’s patrol
> car in Cupertino this morning.
> The Sheriff’s Department says the deputy was patrolling on Stevens Creek
> Road near Montobello road around 10:30 this morning, when his car crossed
> over the centerline and hit the cyclists.
> One of the cyclists died at the scene, while a second died at Stanford
> Medical Center. The third is listed in critical condition at Stanford.
> ”We just lost a couple of phenomenal human beings. The fact that they were
> tremendous athletes is really beyond the point as well, although they both
> were. Christy was on her way to the Olympic trials, and Matt was a
> phenomenal rider. It’s very distressing,” said Gebhart Evanhook, who was
> riding just behind the two cyclists who died.
> The deputy has been placed on paid administrative leave while the CHP
> investigates the accident.
> Witnesses say there is speculation that the deputy may have fallen asleep
> at the wheel. He was not responding to a call, or speeding at the time of
> the crash.
> KCBS’ Tim Ryan reports


26 Responses

  1. Damnit.

    Saw plenty of close calls today on a casual ride. This has to end — any suggestions welcome. We have too many memorial rides already.

    Thoughts out and condolences to Christy and Matt’s family and friends. Let us all know if there’s anything we can do.

  2. do we know who the 3rd person who is in the hospital is?

  3. stranger than fiction! Words can’t convey the sorrow I feel for those involved and relatives.

  4. So incredibly sad.

    I have no word on the third person, but the news report said it was a 20 year-old male.

  5. I have admired Kristy (with a K, by the way) for many years as she was an amazing Ironman athlete when I was racing those. Having raced with her several times over the past month, I was struck by her patience in races and how gifted an athlete she was, able to win in a variety of ways. She will be missed by friends and family, and also by the women’s peloton. Many of us did not know her well, but have quickly come to both admire and learn from her talents.

    I am just so sad.

  6. I knew Kristy for ten years. We were in the same tri club a number of years back. I’d ride with her for about 2 minutes at the start of a ride before she was up the road and gone.

    Matt was my teammate on the Mouse. Truly a super nice guy, always smiling and so helpful. He sent me a really nice email Saturday night after the race which I’ll keep close to me always.

    I will miss them both a lot.

  7. christopher is the fellow in the hospital–according to lothar

  8. Christopher is a young German rider we have seen training on the Peninsula lately. He frequents the noon ride and likely hooked on with this group through the Cyclepath connection. Kristy and Matt, along with Dan and Gebhard, all train with Dmitriy and Vlad at Five Rings Cycling Center. This was our “usual” Sunday training ride, through Stevens Canyon and up Hwy 9. I wasn’t there since I am on military duty in Florida at this time. The three that were hit went ahead of the group at a faster pace while the rest of the group did some other skills training.

  9. So very sorry to hear of this tragedy. my heart goes out to all who know these great people.

  10. Thanks for letting us get to know something about Kristy and Matt — I didn’t know them but obviously they were good people to have affected for the better so many when they were alive. It’s a good reminder for all of us who are still here.

    Again, condolences. And thanks.

  11. additional article in the chronicle about Matt:


    thank you all for your condolesences, they mean so much for our team and the cycling community at large.

  12. An email is circulating through the local list serves about another car – bike accident which sent 4 other riders to the same ER and ICU yesterday. All are expected to make full recoveries, but when eight cyclists are hospitalized or killed in one day, some major changes clearly need to be made. Motorists are often ignorant, aggressive, or apathetic, and sometimes (although probably not in these two incidents) cyclists ride unsafely. I know that I spend so much time focusing on training, racing, and recovery that I sometimes lose sight of the advocacy, access, and safety aspect of our sport. A lot of people are working hard to make roads safer for cyclists, and this morning I find myself regretting that I haven’t done more to help.

  13. Thanks for sharing more about Kristy and Matt. I had just gotten to know Kristy this year after meeting her at the Early Birds.

    They will be missed.

  14. Very sad. And it is a reminder that we are always vulnerable. The other accident to which E.O’B alludes was apparently on 35 near Alice’s and involved A/V riders.

    And to E.O’B and others, never too late to get involved in advocacy. Mintie MaryAnn L. has really stepped up in this area the past year, now serving on a local BPAC and on the BOD of Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition. We can all play a role in this.

  15. word, E.O’B.

  16. and Mintie MaryAnn L is one of the toughest chicks i have ever met.

  17. I’m so sad. I met Kristy at the Early Birds and have followed her meteoric rise this season. I was amazed when she could ride seemingly effortlessly off the front of the peloton. She was something special.

    I’m not sure if I ever met Matt, but my heart goes out to the Roaring Mouse team and his family as well.

    Stay strong everyone! And, I agree with E.O’B. We all need to do our part to ensure safe roadways – both in our example on bike and in car and through advocacy.

  18. Great point, EO’B. Been finding a lot more to do than train and race this year and your words are inspiring. It seems there are few bridges between the racing (out on county, etc., roads) and urban biking (SFBC, etc.) groups, yet we have common cause. What would help racers contribute time, etc., to raising awareness and lobbying local administrations?

    I know I’ve gotten yelled at from racers when I tell them not to blow through stop signs and lights, especially in view of drivers. Not that I’m such a saint, but I try not to give drivers a reason to be pissed off, lazy or adversarial. Like I said, don’t always succeed, but we all should try, right?

  19. tragic and such a senseless loss.

    we are planning something special at our TT and Crit this weekend in Visalia to honor them both. Kristy was registered for the TT and Crit and I will honor her at the TT during her start time as I’m sure she will be clipped-in, warm-up and ready to go on the line.

    We’ll miss you both and we are praying for a restful recovery for our brothers and sisters injured.

    I know as I ride today, I will think of them and thank them for making our days on the saddle a better place.

    Rest peacefully.

  20. Matt won the Merco crit in the 4’s last week, then helped his teammate win the road race. He just got his points to upgrade, but decided to stay back and help his teammates get more points. My condolences to family, friends and teammates of Matt and Kristy.

  21. Sad. Sad. Sad. As the police are involved, there can be no hiding this tragedy for the public eye. Maybe it could help all other road users.
    My deepest sympathies go to the families. Very sad.

  22. Spoke with a couple of Matt’s teammates, and they will be posting ways to help the family as soon as they are able.

  23. I feel sick. I used to ride those rodes all the time. Several years ago, there was a fatal accident around that same area. I was disappointed in the article that stated the cyclists “collided with the car” and not the other way around, especially since the same story stated the deputy car crossed the yellow line. I don’t know these cyclists. But my heart sinks. And for the post above about the missing girl. This sucks.

  24. http://rememberingmatt.blogspot.com

    Please share this URL with friends. Post your thoughts, prayers & kind words there.

    The memorial service will be held Thursday night in the bay area. The details are not set yet, but all will be welcome. We’ll post more info on the website when the details get firmed up, including where to send any contributions you may wish to pass along in support of Matt’s family or causes he supported.

    Again, Roaring Mouse thanks everyone for the flood of condolensces and offers of help.

    Meredith Obendorfer
    Roaring Mouse Cycles

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  26. I agree, something must be done to change the weak response to the overwhelming numbers of cyclists struck by automobiles in the Bay Area alone. I think we should organize maybe through SF Bike Coalition and lobby for laws that make it a felony to kill someone on a bike out of negligent driving. I will start some research on current laws, lawmakers, etc.. Anyone with me?

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