you said you loved me …

the site is gonna be pimp and fresh in a bit. you just wait an’see.

but, as far as content goes – work is a drag right now and i’m involved in some serious suffer’vals when i’m not on the payroll clock, eh?

so, i’ll be nose-to-grind for my trainingblock here in the next few days … but, once the site is launched and i’m done burying myself in pain on the bike … the presses will be rolling all pretty and gossip-like.

thanks for patience and all that bullshit.



6 Responses

  1. come back quick as we are all hooked onto your blog.
    Regareds fron cold Canada

  2. firechicken?

  3. if you’re sufferin, that means the rest of us mortal are dead, chickens?

  4. What? You can work, train, and post a little shenanigans.

  5. are you saying you “train in vain”? or train for pain. or just inflict the pain-train?

  6. Catch you on the flip side!

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