Mental Fridays

goodman_rules_me.jpgjust for the record, if Sabine ever dumps my schizo-ass … i’m stalking Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman until she converts to the darkside and lands herself in my lap.

yup, she’s that hot.

So, here’s a quote and there’s the {{LINK}} for mas lefty-pinko writin’s ~

On the Sunday following Sept. 11, 2001, Vice President Dick Cheney told the truth. On NBC’s “Meet the Press,” he said regarding plans to pursue the perpetrators of that attack: “We have to work the dark side, if you will. We’re going to spend time in the shadows.”

The grim, deadly consequences of his promise have, in the intervening six years, become the shame of our nation and have outraged millions around the world. President George Bush and Cheney, many argue, have overseen a massive global campaign of kidnapping, illegal detentions, harsh interrogations, torture and kangaroo courts where the accused face the death penalty, confronted by secret evidence obtained by torture, without legal representation.

– – –

naomi.jpgOr, maybe i’ll club Naomi Klein {{LINK}} over the noggin’ and take her back to the cave.

hmm …

and i’m going to include this quote from Klein’s article (Beth, you might want to check the ramifications of that Scahill article we were talkin about).

Postscript: Ari Melber criticized this column, citing a video the Obama campaign has been circulating featuring a minister of Obama’s church who makes it clear that while Obama is not a Muslim, there would be nothing wrong with it if he was. I had the same clip sent to me directly from the Obama campaign and wrote this in response: “What I am suggesting needs to be said can only be said by the man himself, just as he has taken brave stances against racism directed at Latinos under the guise of fighting illegal immigration. Do not underestimate the message that his silence is sending, not just in the U.S. but around the world.”

One more thing: now is the time when candidates are most open to pressure. For instance, Hillary Clinton just announced that she will co-sponsor legislation to ban the use of private military companies–exactly one day after my Nation colleague Jeremy Scahill revealed that both Clinton and Obama were poised to let the mercenaries stay in Iraq even if the troops come home. Pushing candidates on the issues during a campaign can have a real impact, so can we please move beyond superfandom? I have also heard from people who think that saying Arabs and Muslims are worthy of exactly the same rights and protections as other minorities is just too high-risk a position for Obama during the campaign. If that’s the position, so be it, but don’t pretend the campaign is doing something it is not. It is precisely because he has been so strong on other issues of discrimination and racism that his trepidation on this issue leaps out.

my_queenie.jpg– – –

Yeah, i’d take Goodman or Klein in a pinch.

but, maybe i’ll stay lucky and keep the girl happy.

yeehoo! love is in the air!
– – –


13 Responses

  1. I love that pic, da bomb

  2. Yeah, you’d be smart to keep her happy.

  3. Hey,
    What ever happened to the Terror Alert system? Before the 2000 elections fox news would flash the terror alert every day. Each time they flashed it ,Bush would gain 2% points in the polls. John is already ahead of Hillary and Barak in the polls on national security. Do you think it will come back again this election to scare us conservative?

  4. there is always a terror alert…everytime he rolls up to the line I feel terror…

  5. Pro-Ho you are hilarious!! I wish I caused a terror alert. 🙂

    Oh and that last photo is priceless. I’m sure the Panda has a few of me in a similar position.

  6. herndo, call me about the weekend. I sent you emails but you are in la-la land dreaming of the legs you’re going to rip off this weekend I’m sure.

  7. … terror of what my latest fashion disaster will be.
    i think this weekend calls for a little extra somethin’somethin out on them streets o merced

  8. Brotha I’m rockin some new INK and my Reno 911 stash so come hard or just keep it under wraps!


  9. Reno 911 ‘stash …
    talk about the anti-aesthetic. bring it!

  10. Just pray I leave my Hulkamania muscle shirt @ home this weekend 🙂

    That would just be unfair


  11. You’re silly! That picture still cracks me up.

    and I love you.

  12. oh yeah, and


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