za’ good word

NorCal High School Mtb League Bans …

… thank you for stepping up, eh.

Check the {{LINK}} on cyclingnews for the reasoning behind it (bottom article). Well done, companeros.

and thanks for the vid, el furioso.


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  1. Good move! I hope this starts a trend in other HS sports.

  2. Maybe I need to restart the browser, flush the cache (wow, my imagination is going in an inappropriate direction), but the flash video isn’t loading for me. No matter — good for them on instituting clear rules designed to protect the kids from 1) becoming junkies 2) the doping mentality and 3) getting in the position of risking their health as tools of marketing. And it’s great to hear how many adults are involved closely with the kids. That, more than cycling or athletics, is a real benefit of the program.

    Anyone with a public health background able to comment on trends of caffeine use and health issues in yutes today?

  3. if you can’t see the flash, head over to Sounding Furious … it’s soooo worth watching.


  4. Thanks for the props Mike.

    With so many potent stimulant cocktails crowding the cooler shelves, we wanted to make a statement.

    League opener this weekend in Monterey. Keith and Rod put on a great race for us, and have put in a huge amount of effort preparing the course.

    Here’s the info link:


  5. “When god gives you lemons, you find a new god” — ha! I’ll have to pass that along to Dawkins.

    And props to Coach Mark. I have a bunch of clothes to donate… maybe I’ll try getting a collection together. Damn, many of those kids are too big for my hand-me-downs… .

  6. now in the new flavor … GUN!

    so good.

    oh, and they have tons of clothing at NorCalHS League. I think they need muula, baby. click that blue banner on the right side and buy up a pair o’ socks, baby.

  7. When you call me “baby”, you know I’ll do anything for you…

  8. gimme a leadout, baby?

  9. That’s a metaphor, right?

    Yet somehow I feel we’ve drifted off the topic… .

  10. Yup. We’re flush with used lycra…but used helmets and mtb shooze in fair to good condition are always in high demand, and accessories like arm warmers, knee warmers and wind jackets. Bring them to a CCCX race, and drop ’em off.

    I’ll see that you get your 501(c)3 donation receipt for the tax-bennies.


  11. I haven’t had a cup of coffee today and I’ve got a terrible headache. related? maybe I should follow the word of brother fritz.

  12. Great work NC MTB!
    I knew it was a bad sign when the vending machine was rolled into my high schools quad and by the swimming pool back in the 80s.
    I also always hated seeing people pop a handful of the caffeine pills tucked in their shorts at road, cross, and mtb races shortly before the last 1/4 of the race… but they were adults so I never said much.

    Keep the kids focused on having a good time, winning or losing. Its these years that shape the type of racer and choices they will make years down the road when bigger things are thrown their way.

  13. Good racing to all the high school folks, i watched that race and wow it was exciting to see all the kids racing their mtb’s.

    that course looked fun and i think i will try a cccx race soon.

    Calvary Chappel is a fine example of how cycling makes kids better as people and more respectful of others.

    good work coach mark and patti

    see ya on the trails

    Bruce Wayne

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