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power_that_shitup.jpgHey folks, the Peaks Coaching “Power Training Camp with Hunter Allen” {{LINK}} is coming up in a few weeks. If you clicky on the big red graphic on the sidebar, it’ll shoot you right over to their site.

What impresses me about these Peak Coaching cats is that they stick you on a PowerTap for the camp and even give you a chance to buy the unit at a discounted price (or, you can bring your own). I mean, that’s pretty killer. If you’ve ever been interested in moving towards training with a power meter … and have some extra scratch dustin’ up the crib … the Peaks Coaching training camp might just be what the doc ordered.

But be aware, they limit the size of the camp and already have spots filled. So, you’d better call asap and reserve a spot if you want to put in a nice long training block (perfectly timed for the road season, eh?) AND want to take the plunge into the beautiful science of training with power meters. I was a power-JUNKY for a few years and it has made a ton of difference in my theories on training and performance.

Once you do it for awhile, you’ll see what everyone is talkin’ about.

The tuition for the training camp covers ~

Daily lectures, presentations and power analysis.

Full pro mechanical support.

Accomodations at the BEAUTIFUL Ralston White Retreat. I mean, we’re talkin’ Marin in the spring … oi, it’s just frickin’ paradise up there.

Meals … good, filling, PROMPT food.

Transportation from the airport, if needed.


… oh! and some hella primo riding. You wanna know where lil’ Levi the ToChampion trains?

Right there, baby. Right there.

– – –

So, for the camp ~ you get hands-on, uber-detailed coaching each day … focusing on training efficiently and with “life-balance” as the goal.

Hello? that’s us kids!


6 Responses

  1. Adverts are cool and all….

    But they work a teeny bit better if you include a link. (not that I’ll be partaking, being as fat and out of shape as I am)

  2. duh.

    Helps if I actually read the links on the SIDE of the article. Funny how I’ve almost completely tuned those things out.

  3. there’s one from the cheese-ball graphic, and you can link it through the graphic on the right …
    or, i can put one in the text. duh, thanks for the catch, yo.
    and yes, i know my template makes links WHITE in color … won’t change until the redesign is complete. must … suffer…through…baddesign until then.

  4. can we get a post on your theories from the power-junkie days? and how did you break the habit?

  5. Nobody needs a powermeter!

  6. PowerCrack?!? Yeah, I’m addicted. Who needs a power meter? Me…and my 4 PowerTap wheels pretty much has quenched my need (thanks goodness I get a scha-weet discount). Hmm, having one with the Zipp disc might be nice 😉

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