it happens

yeah, hotmail is down this morning. woohoo!!! no emails for me!

oh, except that work thing. ok, let’s ditch that for a few minutes ~ so then, what’s on order for “time-wasters anonymous” today?

well, i know there’s a lot of biker gab to catch up on. and, if i ever do make any scratch off this site, well then … maybe i’ll dedicate more of my time to that gig. But, i’ve got to tell you folks … there’s a lot of pro-bono schleppin’ that gets done around these parts.

so it goes.

Which leads me to … need of exploration elsewhere ~ because sometimes the bike is not enough.

– – – – –


As we know from the BummerLife crowd … there is (and always has been) a rebellion against the . . . conditioned aesthetic. You know ~ this idear that we are programmable machines … built and spec’d to desire a certain way, desire certain things … find beauty in the certain shiny items we are asked/told to buy.

Personally, i am a huge fan of beauty. However, i’m afraid i opted out of my lease with the programmers a fair bit early on in life. i mean, i admire the effort and persistence those programmers put forth in trying to pin down every aspect and sellable element of “beauty.” It’s just that … well, the programmers are limited by their language, their parameters, their goals.

And so, there are those who jump the grid, exit the matrix, hack the code and piss the programmers off by exploring … the anti-aesthetic … so that they may define for themselves what beauty is ~ to them, at that exact moment in time.

… we’re talkin’ about growing ‘staches the size and consistency of rain forest cattypillars. we’re talkin’ about the prize of the deformed, the sideways clarity of the isolated, the purity in being beat down by the act of opening your eyes to the world

and seeing.

– – –

For those long-time readers, you’ve suffered through ramblings, long and hard, about how i choose to enjoy life the best i can …

to plop down on the ground, staring with continued and warming surprise at the indecipherable scurry-work of ants.

to wade through the caucaphonied crowds of man, in search of those drowned out voices that wilt and wail against the shouldered constraints pressing upon them.

to pass hands gently over forgotten petals – small and pert in their fadingly glorious flowering.

to … suck it all in.

– – –

i’m outta here.


10 Responses

  1. we’ll have to go back to emailing each other through the comments

  2. and this post needs some stash pictures!

  3. You know what somebody in my line of work calls the process of “programming” that you describe in your post? Ideology: that which “represents the imaginary relationship of individuals to their real conditions of existence.”

    What’s relevant to your comment about the “conditioned aesthetic” decried by the folks at BummerLife is that it reminds me of another trait of ideology: it always “exists in an apparatus, and its practice, or practices.” In other words, ideology manifests itself through actions that are “inserted into practices”; it tells us that if we buy / wear / groom this object or commodity we will be FREE, THE BEST A MAN CAN GET, etc.

    We all want to express ourselves and communicate an idealized version of our identities, so we rock stuff that sends out a certain message, even if that message is “hey, look at me–I don’t give a shit, so I wear ratty Chuck Taylor’s and ride a fixie.”

    However, these attempts to transcend ideology (jump the grid) still reveal a submission to ideology. Even though I love tha fact that cycling is a wild, roundhouse punch thrown at late capitalism’s insistence on carbon fuels, interstates, efficiency, utility, etc, I still spent half an hour drooling over the 2008 Cervelo R3 in my l.b.s. this morning.

  4. Madision Ave has been selling us alternative beauty and rebellion since the 60’s. If it is sold or marketed as authentic, it is buy definition not. The last true act I saw of rebellion was the chinese guy standing in front of a tank…a few years later, the same image was selling laptop computers.

    I can’t tell you how many high school students have piercings and tats now. There is good business to be had in selling conformity to non-conformists. As a high school teacher, that is how I see Rock Racing guy. He’s trying so hard, but offering nothing really new or noteworthy….except shitty contracts that don’t pay anything, but offer incentives to cheat.

  5. “hey, look at me–I don’t give a shit, so I wear ratty Chuck Taylor’s and ride a fixie.”

    …or a florescent orange swobo baseball cap.

    today i’m wearing my astana cap though.

  6. when I win the lottery, I am going to buy all of Steve’s dioramas. I’ll give a few to my mom for christmas too.

  7. Good stuff Hernando.

    It took me a decade of wandering through the crowds to find the pleasure in rolling down a grassy hill and learning to suck in the grandness of the world by observing the smallness of things.

    Rock on brother.

  8. You talk pretty.

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