f’ing mono-blog … can’t turn … off …

no time for blogging this morning ~ stories of whim and exaggeration upcoming (maybe):

1. the Snelling slugfests for men 1/2, women 1/2, 35 and 45 uber-geezers, and maybe a bit of the cat 4 women.

2. the NathanParks reign of terror … or, “how spandex, sunglasses, and a fashionable goatee make all the difference”

3. Amgen Tour of California … was it Levi, or Memorex?

4. How Michael Creed and Thor Zirbel won almost as much as Hincapie with their heroic final day rides.

5. ToC Women’s NRC Crit … and how the VeloNitwitz covered it with SHYTE! (oh, this will be a rant to get me in trouble, i’m sure)

6. Injustice … what free laps and the Iraqi Occupation have in common.

7. ShifterReview: SRAM v DAce v Campy – – – and how learning to shift improves your sex life.

8. Interviews … i’ve been getting requests for a “Hatch’erview” … and maybe i can get one of BJM now that he’s done pedaling up and down kah-lee-four-nya.

etc, etc, etc …


8 Responses

  1. 45+ uber geezers? Nyet! Just geezers. Now you can call the 55+ group, when there is one, uber geezers. But for Senlling we had to ride with, and be torn apart by, the youngsters.

    And I am sitting in anticipation of your coverage of #7. Can you do that one first?

  2. It was a great tour….

  3. Parks is flying like I have never seen him fly before.

    Dan who?

    (Sorry Dan)

  4. Dan crashed this weekend and dislocated his shoulder. Is that the joke? Or is that a different Dan who?

  5. dan’s back on his trainer already

    he did have to take “a tylenol” he told me

  6. I did not know that. No, crashing is nothing to joke about.
    The Dan I am referring to is the one that rips everyones legs off on a regular basis.
    I am just saying, its Nathan’s turn…to rip everyone’s legs off…not crash.

  7. BTW:
    Come on VB, you know me better than that.

  8. Rock is sending 13 to Merced Crit? lead-out for RB or FF will be a block long…


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