props to the new upgrade system

no idea if the math will work out … but, i’m psyched to see an attempt by USAC to allow races with smaller field sizes count in upgrade negotiations.

sound reasoning is always the goal, at least according to my handbook.

– – –
fabiofast.jpgToC TIME TRIAL championships of the bubble-verse …

i can’t wait to see the pictures from today’s “decisive” stage. … oh, the colors we shall see! the techno-smoothed helmets, the fancy-free booties, the ogled-goggles from Oakley or some rocked-out racer fad.

it’s all there for us to see today … time trials are like picture day at grammar school.

you can dress up all you want, but in a few years – there’s nothing but dorky to look back upon.
– – –

The Queens of Dinuba

Dinuba is one of my favorite crits. It’s fast, safe, and the perfect dose of speed and endurance for this time of year. It’s low-key enough to attract safety-sized fields, but big enough of a race to attract good quality hammerheads looking to throw down. in every field.

Just a fun time.

This year, three little engines for Velo Bella went down there and won the Women’ elite cat. TracyNelson, SoniPoulsen, and RyanHostetter took their time, road smooth and operating … and won themselves a bike race. Not always easy to do, especially when the field actually is a bit more even in the playing-field level.dinubapackofemmes.jpg

They traded blows with the other teams all race long, spreading work, analyzing strengths and weaknesses … and after it was all said and done, Soni initiated a wicked burn of a leadout that Trac and the little ninja Hostetter could capitalize on for the win (which might be just the breakout confidence builder that Hostetter needed – good sign for the development of this young rider and team).

The way they raced and drilled it for each other … inspired me to pen-up to some of my own teammates regarding the upcoming Senling wars of wind, rain, and slurping survival from gutters ~

“hoo-hee … mayhem at senling.

welp, if i can offer one bit of advice to remember – remember to take what the race gives you.

as a -150lb guy, i’m never someone who should be good in wind. but, i’ve won more than a few big-wind events. and my best NRC TT was a 12th at Gila when the winds were 40+ from the sideswipe directional.

being good in the wind isn’t as much about size as we might think. it’s about riding smoothly, calculating efforts, and really committing … i mean, utterly and gut-droppingly committing to riding full-tilt for long, drawn out sections of road.

safety first.

being safe means being aware. the rules of our team-winning strategies are simple, pure, and rely heavily on each of us being AWARE of where the others are, and what the race looks to be giving them.

preferfugly.gifbe as fluid a unit as you can – be it with 2 or 8 teammates. act to put your team in a winning position. take what the race gives you – sometimes that means being patient and watching, and sometimes it means following instinct and putting your nose to the bars with NOTHING ELSE IN THE UNIVERSE BUT THE PAIN OF THE BIKE.

take what the race offers.
if the races offers you the win, take it. you, win.
if the race offers you a way to support your teammate winning, take it. kill yourself for them to win.
if the race offers you to get the frack off your bike because that’s just what should be done, take it.

them’s my mottos.

– – – – –


9 Responses

  1. Actually Mikie
    the time trial will not be the deciding stage

    it will create gaps between Zabriske, Cancellara, and Levi

    but the final stage that has some serious climbing up some serious hills in SO CAL will decide the winner.

    If Sierra road has any reflection for this then it is going to come down to Zabriske and Levi, as when push comes to shove on the climbs Cancellara might have troubkle going with Levi and who ever when it gets really steep.

    Gesnik the Raboator will certainly do some flyers after Rubiera softens em up, and Ardilla does his minature man things on the hills, so it will all come down to the final stage and who has the time advantage between Levi and the new climbing sensation Z- Man after the TT today,

    it seems to me that Zabriske will be 2nd and Levi 1st

    or maybe Levi will do the dirty on the TT and put time into Zabriske today.

    When all is said and done Zabriske will need to have over 1 minute or 1 and 1/2 minutes going into the final stage to hold of the pocket rocket Astana captain.

  2. We will call him Mini Lance.

  3. them’s good motto’s.

  4. have you checked out the weather forecast for Snelling tomorrow? Its gonna be a good one… =)

  5. i think millar will get 2nd place

  6. hey, hey! I saw you sneaking a pic from afar but when I went to say hello you had evaporated. hope you had a great race!

  7. This has nothing to do with the post, but norcal girl Katheryn Curi Mattis just won the Geelong World Cup after being off the front in a two girl break for over four laps. High Road messed up by not chasing sooner…

  8. Getthefrackoffmy bike!!!! Sorry about the flattage. Thanks for the cheerings. Love the track peeps comradderie. My first Cat 3 race wuz a success in my book. Let’s roll!

  9. And don’t forget to throw a few “douchebag” comments on your Roll wannabe blog.

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