when all else fails …

create art


sabine dukes on flickr.com, for more
~~~ {{LINK}} ~~~


7 Responses

  1. Incredible pictures. I wish I was perceptive enough to see the world like this. Sadly, it often speeds by and goes unappreciated by me. No longer. I’m going to seek out such scenes!

  2. i never saw the persimmon tree one before but that one is very nice. ippoc is always having to stop on our rides to take persimmon tree pics.

  3. I long ago noticed that even Sabine’s cell phone photos were striking, but they’ve lately taken an even more interesting turn.

  4. Those photos are amazing!

  5. Fantastic eye! This is a great collection of images and use of photoshop.

  6. like I need another expensive hobby

    amended wish list (replaces that list for the track bike (for now anyway))

    wide angle lens
    macro lens
    big mack daddy lens
    big mack daddy flash
    ND filters
    new computer and calibrated monitor

    and some tubulars for the track bike.

  7. i got your tubies for the track covered.

    but the camera stuff is all crazy-tech-talk.

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