my first ToC post???

what can i say … i’m busy and lazy in the same breath. it’s sort of how my loverly puts it …

I totally want to blog about TOC. I didn’t get a chance to go see any part of it, but I saw pictures. And, man, I have a few things to say. {{LINK}}

My list of notables?

1. Cipo ~’nuff said. the man got 3rd yesterday in the field sprint. I mean, come the frack on … how bloody cool is that. yeah, i know he’s euroTrash-central … and, i know he’s racing for a mega-jean-Brat … but, to see an aging rocker hit the come-back trail with such glory and flair … right on, Cipo.

play it till it dies, brutha.

2. Farrar the Future ~ that he had to abandon today was a damn shame. But, how killer was it to have this radcat in the leader’s jersey in one of the most high-profile races in the world.this race is huge, yo.

3. JACKson STEWart … he’s made his season in one can’t argue with that action. And now i almost feel bad about heckling GlavinChilicoot at the ToC hotel a couple days ago. The BMC squad was amazing in those first couple stages … how do they get back to back solo homeboys drilling all those media hits into BMC coffers?

right on, right on.

Jackson and Nydam have put the BMC boys on the map for this year’s ToC … something that team wasn’t able to do last year … let’s be honest. NOW, if we can just talk with them about those hideously plain-jane kits they’re sporting … ick.

4. SlipStream is America’s team.i was able to talk with one of the managing partners of H30 on Monday and he was EXTREMELY pleased with how the team was performing. And, the cat really knew his stuff about the sport and how the racing was developing … i was impressed. This organization is doing so much right this year … i’m happily jumping on to this bandwagon.

5. DAVE TOWLE rocks this scene like no other.lissen here … the dealio is that Towle is the kind of announcer who takes the time and effort to get to know all these racers … to be able to identify them at 300m, to recognize the shoulderslumps of fatigue, to recognize tactics in play, to predict and joke and MAKE REAL all these amazing people in our sport.

he brings them to us, shows them to us, adds color and depth to our views of them. it works.

The announcer Towle was with for the ToC crit was … not this type of announcer i’m describing. I don’t know who he was/is – nor do really care to know because … i’m not a fan of his style. This guy had a decent amount of excitement for the sport, but his commentary was so un-familiar with the players in the game, his commentary was trite and superficial and focused less on the race and more about what he thought we wanted to hear him say.

meh, maybe i’m just being bitchy.

6. Production ~ the ToC has all the look and pomp of a GrandTour in Europe … except with better hotels and air conditioning.As a fan and afficionado, walking around the finish of the stage on Monday was just magic. I got to talk with people who NEVER ride bikes … and yet, here they were ~ digging the scene, full gas.

These people were lining upper level parking garages to see better. They were hovering around team buses and expo tents … ACTUALLY INTERESTED in this biking shindig.

Bike Racing in America.

can i get another “right on” from you, brothers and sisters.


17 Responses

  1. Expo’s are the scene…I couldn’t even get my cowbells unpacked before the TUP ladies were swarmed upon to get some…cowbells.

    Love the scene…hopefully we can roll with it with all the races in the next month!

    Hwy 99 series is to be the main event of the year! Merco? Fresno and it’s 180 crit? Visalia and it’s NRC for the ladies as the main event? yes….Pro-ho loves the lady Pro’s!

  2. I am glad someone else noticed the lack of cycling knowledge of the TOC announcer…where’s Frankie?

  3. If the lunar eclipse weren’t enuf cool, I’m surpising our high school kids doing the every-Wed after dark biketrail pavement suffervals with a hard left onto Canyon Del Rey to take a gander at the TOC team pits as they get things set up for tomorrow. Must be some kind of fun going on. True about BMC. Taylor’s jump from Slipstream to there seems like it was a great move.

  4. Looks to me like the crowds are down this year, while sneaking a peak on cycling TV Sierra Road looked deserted compared to last year. Still the expo, the qualtiy of the riders and racing is much improved. the Vibe, professional look of the prologue was impressive as well. Not bad considering all of the fallout from ’07. Maybe Z and the Stream can pull out a TT victory in SoulVang.

  5. You said “frack.” How frackin’ cool is that?

  6. Amen and Right On.

    Great coverage and insights as usual – barf…

    Frankie is with the great and good on the Adobe sponsored real-time tracking thingy. Although his insights aren’t that insightful – maybe its a tough job though.

    PS, why do the ad’s paying for the content and hosting, cover the content I’m coming to read? Is that another WP issue, or is it my browser?

  7. RIGHT ON!

  8. You get a big ‘Right On’ here, brutha.
    From Cipo the old (and still fast) onion to young stud Tyler (so glad to be cheering for another Tyler).
    AToC is gigging it right. The big Left Coast Bike Ball is rolling!!!
    Let’s hope it keeps the momentum and doesn’t go the way of some other American tours of the past.
    As for the ladies getting some top billing this season… HOLLA!!!!! I’m feelin’ the other ‘X’, yo. ‘Bout time.

  9. Air conditioning definitly makes the race.
    Dave Towle gives me a head ache and needs to lose some weight and clean up a bit, but i do like his voice as it reminds me of some dirty old stalker who is tracking down some porn clips.
    Taylor was dropped from slipstream it was no jump.
    had dinner tonight with Cippo and he is a nice guy in person.
    see ya in S.L.O.

  10. Right the frack on!
    Commentating must be tougher than the Vs. trio makes it seem (and Towle for that matter). I think Frankie is good & Joe is ok on the Adobe webcast – it’s live and goes for hours… I wonder, exactly how do Bobke, Phil & Paul commentate on a 45 minute re-cap of a 4+ hour race? Seems like there might be some lip-synch analogy here.

    Go Cipo! Old guys rock! I like Rock Racing so much more now that we don’t have to see Mr Ball.

  11. Amen. And a nod yes to the suggestion that they add more events for the ladies.

    As for attendance, let the wags give the numbers but I am confident prologue numbers are down (Paly Alty probably not the best choice of venues). Stage 3 numbers cannot be compared based on Sierra Rd turnout; a lot of folks who went up Sierra last year were on Hamilton on Wednesday, and there was a good sized group at the top of Del Puerto; lots more sites to view than the past two years.

  12. I don’t know if I will be rooting for Cipo or Tomke if they storm into town today, but give that glammed Italian is older than me, well I’m inspired to root him on just to make me feel younger. And you gotta love the fact that he brags about it by putting his birth year on the back of his seat post to rub it in the face of the young bucks trying to stick on his wheel.

    And, even though Ball should be gagged with a ball, I kinda dig the whole Rock Racing kit and the commercial they are playing. However, Hamilton is kinda creepy. I think he’s taking the LA thing too far, with the tanning, teeth whitening, and I swear he’s injected his lips with collagen. Real bike racers of Orange county, I guess.

    Go Cipo!

  13. I live in Santa Rosa and am stoked that the TOC has made it there for the past three years. Also stoked to see all the people come and check it out. HOWEVER — and I know I’m a grouch to say this — it also brings out people I wish would stay home. People who have decided it’s a FAMILY event, and so bring all of their kids in baby strollers to hog up a huge portion of the rail. These people should enjoy the family sport of watching television together so that the rest of us can enjoy the great sport of cycling.

  14. um…

    no, we need those people. we want them there, in the way … getting involved in our sport.

    hell yes, we do.

  15. KL,

    I couldnt agree with you more, these people

    No Wait, YOURE AN IDIOT.

  16. I was in SLO-town for the finish after 7 hours of true, unadulterated suffering by the pack. When Rollin attacked the break (pretty ballsy considering Hincapie was right there too) with 20k remaininig, Towle screams “It is on like Donkey Kong”. My S.O. and her teammate who ‘pooled down with us (they held a training camp in Solvang over the weekend) were repeating that one all weekend…

    Oh yeah, how about Chechu destroying the peloton in 10k climbing Hamilton, and then finishing off all but 5 in less than 2k up Sierra Road??? The live coverage on-line was fanfreakingtastic! Frankie needs to work on his commentary – no comparison to Phil, Paul & Bob.

  17. Almost forgot – when we arrived in SLO-town, it was pouring rain and damn cold. We pop into Peet’s for some warm beverages, and run into none other than Tyler Hamilton. He’s looking very fit and skinny…and had a couple Rock Racing hotties along for eye candy. Too funny! He’s sporting semi-long curly hair and all black Rock Racing threads, definitely doing the bad boy of cycling look. He said that Sevilla, Botero and he had ridden the first couple hours of the stage and they were getting blown sideways by the winds! He lost a hat and sunglasses. Forgot to chastise him for not wearing a helmet the previous day over Hamilton (a teammate spotted the ‘three amigos’ out in front of the race, descending Hamilton).

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