3 days off the interwebs …


and i end up with a gazillion emails to reply (late) to … and three-gazillion looks of disdain by anyone i came in contact this weekend and the ridiculous amount of “verbal blogging” i couldn’t keep contained inside.

i really have no idea how Sabine puts up with me. i mean, i can be a pretty quite individual … but, if the internal mono-blog gets rolling … sweet haysoos, i can be a chatty-kathy mo’fo.

ah well.

– – –

NO TIME FOR Scribblings …

So, just a couple of quick impressions of a weekend in bliss~

The Amgen Women’s TOC Crit was … f’ing amazing. The teams all put on such a great display of racing. The crowds were HUGE and rabid in support of the racers. I couldn’t believe how fast and aggressive that race was yesterday. Standouts? to many to mention, but let’s give a few quick blurbs and ask forgiveness for the limited time and words o’ descriptions.

studettes.jpgVAC looked absolutely “pro” again. i think they’re the supermodels of the women’s peloton this year. Patella and her crew of ab-fabs are stepping up and i cannot wait to see how they show themselves in ’08.

Mactier looked in great shape again this weekend, but the rest of the squad looked very, very motivated to ride hard this year. Banks looks fitter than last year – and we’ll see how the rest of the ‘new and improved’ roster settles in together.

vk_coolio1.jpgVanderKitten blew into the NRC scene in a big, big way this weekend. They came with their new kits, new organization, and a fresh look and attitude towards bike racing. EXCELLENT to see. Vanderkitten is like what Rock Racing could be if they’d concentrate more on creating fashion, and less about being seen.

Although, i must say that i am growing more and more glad that these yayhoos are in the sport. I mean, if we can’t show our aMErican excesses to foreigners through cycling … what good are we as leaders of the free world?

My favorite “Ball-ism” of the weekend was the promo-ending quote of the man with the cash (for now, at least) … “I AM ROCK RACING”.

hell yeah you are, baby. nothing but you.

repube.jpgAnd I even got a chance to talk with Rock’s Rahsan Bahati for a few minutes Monday night. He was pretty disappointed that he wasn’t able to get a ride on their ToC team this year … which they MUST be kicking themselves about now that they have 5 riders in the race (botero, hamilton, sevilla booted because of operacion puerco).

Bahati is such an interesting character. He’s brash, intelligent, a bit artsy (must be Magnell’s influence), and has a very smooth and, one could say, urbane personality. After talking with him (and letting him know how complimentary all the heckling he got from our NorCal crew down in Encino a couple months back was…), i got the impression that he is a guy who wants to grab the brass ring, you know? You can feel his ambition – it radiates off him like heat. You can see it in his eyes as he talks about his goals for the year ~ the focus, the clarity, the unabashed desire for the highest goals.

right on. go get it, man.
– – –

But, back to the Amgen Women’s Crit ~

whatarace.jpgPROMAN has made the big push this year … whether they are ready for it, or not. I mean, what a program this small group of people are putting together. They have riders competing around the world at the highest levels on the track, cyclocross, and road circuits.

Phenomenal program.

virginiap.jpgShelley Olds and Virginia Perkins were 4th and 7th at the crit yesterday. They both rode well and are looking to improve this year … big time. Olds is getting headlines (and rightfully so … folks, Shelley and Nikki Cranmer arrived from the Denmark World Cups about 12 hours before the race yesterday!!! … what hammerheads!), but it’s going to be Perkins who might make the surprise splashes this year. She rides smart, strong, and dedicated (it’s probably a PROMAN thing).

aarons.jpgAaron’s came off their “training” win the day before at the Santa Rosa crit with a solid crew of DAlusio acolytes. I’ll say it right now, I think that CarmenD is one of the most professional directors out there. She’s unflappable, organized, hard working … that must be why she’s into that boytoy of hers, ChrisD. Carmen gives the same vibe off as Chris … competent and business. But, when they crack open those smiles of theirs … yeah, they make the world a wee-bit brighter.

dalusio.jpgIt’s hard not to consider the Aaron’s season in 2007 as a success. They were consistent in all the big races regarding results … but, what they really bring to the races is professionalism and a good show for the crowds. The program is a good model for those entering in to this level at the sport with fewer resources than you need and a burning need of “doing things right.”

Aaron’s is all that.

But, they do need a finisher…

highwhentheydesigned.jpgAnd take notice of Mara Abbott and the High Road chickas. I will refrain from commenting on the “magic bus” font of their kits … and instead focus on how fit and focused Abbott looks already this year. I mean, she seems destined to go uphills very, very fast.

womenofstyle.jpgAnd, can’t leave this short post without talking about the TIBCO squad. Rais and the other women in baby-blue were spectacular yesterday. Brookecycling.com will be giving us some updates soon on how the final laps shook down … but, let’s just say that the sprint that Miller uncorked for the Tour of California crowds was something … you don’t see everyday.

Shelley Olds unleashed long on the sprint and it was Cheerwine’s Van Gilder taking first jump to grab the wheel. As you can see, that first few pedalstrokes that VG put in as she popped off Olds’ wheel was impressive. Look at the insta-gap that Miller has to drag herself across AND THEN find the speed to actually come around VanGilder.

and she did. but just barely.

cuteyellis.jpgThe High Road rider, Fahlin of Sweden, was able to just keep on the pressure enough to squeak past the PROMAN rider and finish off the podium. What a finish. The drag to the line had to be the longest kilometer in the universe. We could see the women thundering down the long straightaway for what seemed like eons.

When i saw how long and fast the sprint was, with Olds absolutely KILLING it in her low, pocketrocket position … i knew the final 100m was going to be golden. And it was.

And it was fun.

This is real bike racing.

– – – – –

anyway, that’s my alloted 20min for writing today. I’ll be back tomorrow … or maybe late tonite with some more lies and exaggerations. i’ve gone ahead and made the plunge and am gonna pick up Beth “thunderthighs” Newell and we’re gonna go heckle the shit out of the GOLDSPRINT gig in Sacto.

get ready for it.


17 Responses

  1. you’re doing what?


    Good thing I read your blog.

  2. I was stoked to see the 30 seconds of coverage on the women’s crit last night on TV. I thought that was Shelley in 4th. But, Rick was like “No way, she was just in Europe a day ago.” I was even able to make out everyone’s favorite Panda in the pack. But, yeah, the sprint looked totally kick ass, and it was awesome to see Brooke nail it!

  3. Thank you for being our bitch for the day!

  4. I love the make-up that Michael Ball wears. Why does he stop at the edges of his face though? When his neck and ears don’t have make-up it looks like he’s wearing a mask. Must be a SOCAL thing.

  5. I brake for tifosi…thanks for the coverage!

    That crash was terrible. I was directly to the right of the first girl to go down, saw she was headed straight for the barriers well before the turn & was able to give her an extra bike width, but still saw her flip ass over teakettle.

    Looked like she made it back in relatively unscathed, though.

  6. gosh what a fab review of the women’s race, so exciting to see sooo many strong women from nor cal kicking ass out there, I was really proud to be part of the event and hope they can make the investment to add a few stages next year! Great to see you out there as well

  7. Mike
    how come you always take photos of the girls butts and the guys fronts? you seem to be focusing on the girls round behinds and the boys camel toe spandex front cycling short situations. i now find myself coming to this page instead of the boys love boys section of EL Mag – erotic love magazine, thanks for keeping it fresh.

  8. Yes, it was a great race (despite the crash). Thanks to all the promoters, my great competitors, and the crowds! Mucho Love!

    But… I will say that I’ll save my respect for teams that don’t have members shoving in corners, yelling “fuck” at posters on personal/team blogs and then censoring anyone who points out that lack of class.

  9. that’s awful to hear! i was just marveling at how great it is that the women seem to be friendly/supportive across team-lines which is great for the sport on the whole…sad.
    At least tell us which blogs!

  10. “Not sure what you are trying to point out with XXXXX, but pretty sure I don’t give a fuck about your opinion of anything! Anyway, thanks for the comment! You must be a really cool bitch and I would love to meet you, thanks for reading my blog!”

  11. Well, the original commenter “Jealous Girl” on that issue/post was just out to insult & provoke and picked a really positive post to do it on, and the blogger didn’t censor by deleting the comment so I don’t see why anybody would even bring it up unless they have a personal agenda against that rider.

    I wonder if Cool Woman & Jealous Girl are the same anon commenter?

    I wonder if either of them is really a woman?

    There’s an awful lot of cross-team support in this community & it’s too bad that the people who want to go on record to trash certain individuals or teams won’t leave their names. Makes me think that they don’t see the respect & affection between women racers because they’re NOT actually women racers. How sad to sit around thinking of ways to sabotage other people.

  12. No, I am not Jealous Girl. And I really don’t have any idea who is.

    My point is that no matter what she (or he, okay?) said, the reaction was really not classy, appropriate or cool. And I said so on that blog, and that post was deleted.

  13. I didn’t see your comment so I can’t respond to it or how it was presented.

    I will say that I don’t think it’s classy, appropriate or cool to come to other blogs and badmouth somebody else like you’ve done, without providing your identity. Especially after taking the part you saw as offensive out of context, and implying that the same person or team also behaved badly in the race without backing your accusation up.

    There are other comments up there now, maybe you can try yours again. And this is it for me on this issue because hey, there’s a lot of warm fuzzies in this post & that’s the part we ought to keep going here…

  14. Hey Cool Chick,
    Guess what . . . the beauty of running your own blog is that you can censor whatever you want! And I can also use any word I want. I can even make up words (I luv that part the best). I invest my energy in supporting women’s cycling at any level and promoting women’s cycling in a positive light. Despite your accusations of shoving in corners, I ride safely and agressively. I have never caused a crash in a bike race. In order for women’s cycling to be competitive, we need to actually RACE our bikes, not just ride around in a circle and say please and excuse me and hold hands (I mean, that’s fun too but sometimes the race promoters get a little cranky when we do that). If that’s what you are looking for, the Cinderella Ride is an awesome local event! U should check’er out. I’ll even drive follow car for you if you can’t quite make the Century Ride . . . but from your attitude here I can tell that you are fighter and you will probably finish that darn Century even if you have to walk backwards up the hills! You go girl, I got your back.

    So listen, I don’t want to have to delete your comments. But when you write some nasty stuff, I’m gonna do it. My response was chill, and what do you care anyway? If you don’t like it, the solution is simple. Don’t come back to my blog. It’s cool, my mom doesn’t read it either and it doesn’t really hurt my feelings. Oh I also censored comments from Jealous Girl where she threatened to physically assault me at bike races this summer. Why would I leave these up? As female athletes, we have so many obstacles against us already . . . why would we be fighting with each other???

    Listen, I don’t know about Cool Woman and Jealous Girl, but I’ve got other stuff to conquer rather than fighting on the internet. Let’s start with promoting women’s cycling so that young developing racers can actually get the financial and equipment support they need to continue racing after college? Or how about getting more publicity for women’s racing so that young girls see this as a healthy, positive, and empowering sport for women of all ages. Another thing I would like to work on is eliminating see-through shorts for all women’s teams.

    Look at things in perspective: we didn’t have the women’s marathon in the Olympics until 1984! Women’s pro tennis didn’t exist 40 years ago. We are still in the midst of a women’s athletic revolution which is a huge component of women’s rights. This is a huge opportunity given to us by female athletes of a prior generation. Thank you Billie Jean King, thank you Rebecca Twigg, thank you Ina Tuetenberg, thank you Joan Benoit, Martina Navratilova, FloJo, and Gabi Reece for working hard, marketing yourself, and fighting back when you had to. And also the brains behind the sports like Sabine from Vello Bela, Lisa Hunt, Kristy Schrygmyer from High Roads, Karen Brems, Carmen D, Nicole Freidman, and all the women (and men) who work so hard to make all the logistics of women’s cycling happen.

    Cool Girl, if you are tripping because I used the F word, you got it all wrong. Look again, we have other battles to fight than each other.


  16. thank you for laying it down in the press….i love the report. so sad to miss the race.

    and damn what a list of comments i have found here in my quest to give praise for the womens race report!!

    ummm regarding the posts above, of which i am not all that privvy…all i gotta say is that in the years i have raced my bike i have learned that it takes all kinds to make the bike racing peloton. no two are alike. some have mouths, and some don’t. some make waves in the peloton, and some don’t. some make the podium…and well, some don’t.
    but one thing we all have in common is that we all arrive in the same place at the same time —and that place would be the start line.

    if you’re not up for it….turn around and go home.

    peace out.

    word to the bike.

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