ok folks … it’s a splash of randoms to shoot us into the weekend ~ hold on tight …

– – – – –

GOLDSPRINTS … beeyatch!

it’s on … it’s on like f’ing robotron, baby.

i think i might have to make a pitstop over in Sacto for some of this action.

– – –

WORLD CUP-ination

check the mini-update from PROMAN on Olds and Murdin making the Scratch Final this morning.

Scratch heat 1

PROMAN dominates Scratch heats. Kele Murdin takes a first lap flyer and laps up in three, Vos attempts the same doesn’t quite lap up but holds the gap for 2nd.
1st kele Murdin – PROMAN

Scratch heat 2

Shelley Olds waits patiently and attentively for the right move. Rider off the front, Theresa Clif Ryan makes a move to bring back break, Shelley follows. They make contact with the solo rider, all riders sit up, Shelley rides high attacks and two girls go with her, they create a quick half lap gap, working well together, Shelley leads out last lap at tempo to keep safe to roll in for 2nd.

2nd Shelley Olds – PROMAN


EDIT ~ Olds gets 14th, Murdin 21st in the World Cup Scratch Final.  right on.

– – –


check it, yo ~ your chance to meet za’QuickStep heroes, Boonen and Bettini.

AND, it’s HALF OFF FOR readers!!

check the link ~

probably a once in a lifetime opportunity for most of us. i’d say it’s worth looking into … especially since it benefits a great cause.

bust out the card, richiereaders, and toss some loot at the kids.
– – –


just give it to me.

i mean … this is what i will be reincarnated as. this bloody bicycle … right here. it’s what i most desire to evolve into.

it’s me, i tell ya.
– – –

ASSk Hernando returns …

Dear Hernando,

I find myself in an emotionally confusing place and perhaps you and your readers can help me sort it all out: I think I may be tri (or at least tri-curious).

I don’t know where these feelings come from; While I have always loved swimming (and am rather good at it, if I may say so), I’m not so keen on running.

My primary concern is how I can come out and share my feelings with my more conservative friends and family members. Some of my more conservative friends/family members find the tri-lifestyle abhorrent, unnatural, and perverse. I am worried that if I were to confide in some of my friends/family members about my tri yearnings, our relationships would suffer.

Is there any way that I can introduce this topic gently so as to minimize the risk to our relationships or should I swallow my tri feelings to maintain our relationships?

Furthermore, is there any way to determine if these tri-curious feelings are just part of an experimental phase I could be going through while I am in my 20s? I’ve tried to look for clues in my own behavior patterns and in my environment, but the signs are mixed. e.g. I currently don’t own any sleeveless jerseys but I have always worn no show socks.

Thanks for your help,

stop_them.jpgDear TC,

stay in the closet. while it’s ok to experiment on the bi-side of the cycles … tri-ing is forbidden.

it’s a fruit that, while perhaps packaged in a tight little bundle and looking awfully ripey, should NOT be tasted of.

Tri-ing is just an entry drug to adventure racing … and we know how fukking dorky those cats are.

– – –


Mtb Marathan race on Saturday {{LINK}}, NorCal Crit Junkfood on Sunday {{LINK}}, AMGEN Women’s NRC crit on Monday {{LINK}} …


see ya’ll out there,


6 Responses

  1. No mention of the prestigious Velopromo events going on this weekend. I mean come on, Pine Flat is an early season classic.

  2. i’ll be missing the VP ‘tour day fresno’ this year …

    first time in a decade, feels like.

    go get ’em, nitro.

  3. Mike
    besides leaving out pine flat rr and cantua creek rr, you left out the 2nd race of the cccx series at ft ord going off this sunday. i heard that the course they are using for this race will be the same race course used for the opening race of the nor-cal high school mtb league races, and i know how you love the high school league races, and since you do love the high school league i would like to give a big thanks to the cccx boys for putting on the series opener for the high school league and the high school race at toro park, props to those lads. i am real surprised you missed prinitng this info

    good luck in your mtb race down south

    your simply the best, better then all the rest

    even if you miss some of the races in your reports


  4. hey mike, you also forgot to mention the valentine’s day themed alley cat race in SF tomorrow… wtf?? norcalcyclingwhtvr!!

    goldsprints is weird. you should check it out. i’m pretty lousy at it (though i thought because i ride a 66″ fixie everywhere i’d be really good…), but if you can rock a ridiculous cadence for 20 seconds you’ll be great.

    big-ups to the proman team in those qualifying races. the men’s team sprint woulda been fun to watch: bos and co. vs. the frenchies in the final. meaty.

  5. no body does it better
    makes me feel sad for the rest
    nobody does it half as good
    baby your the best

    for your eyes only
    can see me in the night
    for your eyes only
    you can see so much in me
    so much of me thats knew

    baby your the best

    your frickin adventure race freakazoid

  6. I think you are the best marathon racer in the world mike, or at least the best out of the 8 or 9 riders who you raced against this past weekend, thats not nice to win by 20 minutes
    man you are awwwwwwwwwwwwwsome.
    Any chance of a little Track racing or training reports please? this site used to be cool when you updated the track happenings.

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