NorCal High School MTB League

coolness.jpgyeah folks, it’s the coolest.

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So, apparently USA Cycling had a few issues of ownership with some of the voluminous teachings and organizational documentation that the ground-breaking NorCal HS Mtb League has produced. I’m short on all the details, but in the end – the NorCal League decided it was best to split from USA Cycling and stay on-target with their grassroots dedication to growing the sport and some great kids.

dindin.jpgUpcoming this Monday is a fundraiser with none other than TomBoonen and PaoloBettini showing up to add a bit of splash.

That’s right folks, there’s a scant few tickets available for this kick-ass event … so, act now.

very hip.


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  1. It should be noted that the relational change is a very natural evolution, is amicable and the “split” primarily involves issuing our own racing license and insurance.

    Our materials and know-how will continue to be available to help USAC or others grow junior cycling with mtb as the easiest, safest, and most “natural” entry point into the sport. Without USAC’s support in past years we would not exist at all.

    40 teams are registered for the 2008 season (up from 26 last year) and early census data indicates a ridership increase of about 45%, with the largest gains in the freshman girl’s category. That ought’a make some Bella’s smile. With so many new teams (see NorCal Neighborhood map) there’s lots of help needed on the rides and at the races. Check out your local team-kids and give them some support.



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