well, what can i say … it was a bit of gymnastics last night. so, apparently there’s still some residual inspiration left dribbling in the limbs …

– – – – –

Words off the street ~

badass.jpghey ya’ll … there are just websites out there that i have failed to find/investigate fully. One of them is norcal mtb racing {{LINK}} blog. Holee crap is this thing kick-ass. I’m definitely going to have a direct RSS feed from this site into mine once it all get’s figured out and redesigned.

There’s all the info you could need about riding your bike dirty. Personally, I’m lining up this weekend for that 55 miler {{LINK}} down in Los Olivos. It’s some kind of low-key marathon race and i’m suuuuper psyched to be going down there to wreck it up.

well … mostly, we go down to lap up luxury at the Firestone Brewery and their mightyfine Kobe burgers n’ brew.

oh, heaven.

– – –
ebberoth.jpg anyway, check this quicky-note from our own DustyDowns regarding that CCCX {{LINK}} Mtb opener for ’08:

“Eric Ebberoth for sure had a great day and is happy to have his semi pro xc upgrade- well deserved but Larry Hibbard was riding well as usual and said he is looking forward to a rematch with a guy who is 1/3 his age.

Cesar Chavez won every single single speed cross race he entered last year and tried to keep the streak going in MTB and had a good fight with Miles Neisser and Nick Hanni, before he gapped them on lap 4.

In the Pro/Expert Womens race Jamie Stamps and Carol Boland had a good tussle going with Jamie stamping her authority on the race in the final lap and winning by 57″ after 25 miles.

Birgit Johnston dominated the Womens 35+ Expert group after coming back from the birth of her 3rd child just 3 months ago. Also the 35+ Womens Expert group was new this year, as i wanted to add more divisions for female racers. I also added a 45+ Womens Sport division.”

cool. check it out folks, CCCX … best series for us NorCal’ers.
– – – – –

Crits of Santa Rosa ~

honey_thatsus.jpgi always seem to suffer up in Santa Rosa racing bikes … and i’m sure this weekend will be no different. The women’s racing should be strong as a good number of teams will likely use the day as a leg-opener for the HIGHLY anticipated Amgen Women’s NRC crit on Monday.

I cannot wait to see that thing.

The fields will be fairly localized for the Sunday crits, though. It’s a good training crit, that Santa Rosa corporate crit they have up there … lots of wind to thin the herd, and a very tricky sprint to set up for either out of a small break, or in a field gallop.

… i’ll admit that i’m a bit motivated to show some wheels this weekend…


2 Responses

  1. You forgot to mention that Jamie Stamps won CCCX after crashing at the start and dropping a lot of time. Most impressive!

  2. It looks like Jamie Stamps was mentioned as the winner of CCCX #1, but I think the crash was left out of the info because the crash was no good.

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