F-U, stupid wordpress


go ahead, kill all the changes i coded into your stupid f’ing template.

go ahead and update that cheeseween template you force me to use, and then wipe all my customizations off the grid …

stupid wordpress.


– – – – –


10 Responses

  1. the wordpress format seems a little staid and suckish. blogger was much more freewheelin. Just sayin.

  2. how bout a more customized blogger version. there are all sorts of custom templates out there for blogger. i found a 3 column one that i’ve been happy with for quite some time now.

    just sayin.

  3. I’m hurrin’! I’m working on the 2nd… which is totally rockin’. I can’t decide which i like better. was sick on friday and had appt’s all day yesterday…sorry. so i couldn’t get to 2nd one til today.

    wordpress is better for developers and people who give a crap about maintaining control over their content. once set up, will run like buttah.

  4. Listen to the wise, Wild Dingo!

    You must breathe and embrace the process – only then will your templates be kick-ass.

  5. I can’t wait to be wowed by the wild dingo.

  6. If I know Wild Dingo, I bet she has some snazzy stuff in store for you…just sayin

  7. save us our lives and put those “new scribblins” indicators up…. just sayin….Pahleeese!

  8. Wild Dingo is in the know. WordPress has lots of widgets and gadgets, and once you get those dialed in it cranks along with you, not Google, at the helm.

    As for the ‘fresh scribblings’, that is a nice touch and not so hard to do in WordPress. But … blogroller sucks, and is getting worse. I think over the past month the number of new posts by folks listed on my site that blogroller has actually indicated as new is running at less than 5%.

  9. A potential alternative to folks who like the “new scribblins” feature – try an RSS reader. I’m partial to the Google Reader, but any will do (http://www.google.com/reader). You can “subscribe” to virtually any blog and it will reliably show new content for each blog one subscribes to. Just a suggestion.

  10. you can also throw your google reader into igoogle and really go rss hog wild.

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