oh no, you didun’t

olds_toeurope.jpgShelley Olds just got the call from TEAM USA

yup, she’ll be playing Tour of Flanders with the other superWomen of Europe … in March and April.

it’s moving forward, ya’ll.

– – – –

and how about some of the other local beauties mucking about in TEAM USA colors … Van Horn, Carroll, Barton, Holloway, Riggs …

that’s pretty hot stuff.

cycling good!!!


4 Responses

  1. Oh hell yeah! I know Shelley was thinking she’d have a break after Copenhagen… Looks like she’ll be getting in some hard road training/racing instead.

  2. so cool.

    and she still has track as her focus. but what a chance to get in some essential experience and exposure.

    sheet … sorry for all the work she has to do now. man, that’s f’ball a lot of training.

    ah well, she’s young. she’ll recover.

  3. Perky pocket Rocket will be taking a bit of time off after copenhagen, then some lovely long endurance rides and some central valley touring, its so exciting, i am so proud of her. You can always count on her to show up at any race prepared. She deserves this opportunity. Yes her focus is still track but this will build that engine. good luck shelley! first things first, we fly to copenhagen tomorrow – all sounds so glamorous but its been a wild ride and she/we couldn’t have done it without the support of the Nor Cal family xxx

  4. yay, Shelley! and yay, Nic, too!

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