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Random visuals of a biker weekend ~

(don’t have any CCCX fotos yet, but gotta shoot a get well to K.Bartolusi who snapped a c-bone on Sunday. And, shout out to Erik Ebberoth for putting some wood down on the competition and putting that “semi-pro” license in his back pocket.

congrats, man.)

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Saturday was the RideTheWorldCup finale. What a great series of training/fundraising events these were. … high bar set, indeed.   Here we see back of head of PROMAN leader, Niki Cranmer as she tapes some of Shelley Olds for their new features.   check that sheet-out, ya’ll.
Sunday was the Cherry Pie Criteriums in Napa … talk about a hard life.   Riders were rewarded with fast and full fields, with good crowds to cheer on and a good vibe all around.
Unfortunately, the Cherry Pie Crits were … influenced … by the Velo Bella party we had Saturday night.  oi … and i think i pulled a dancer’val muscle … Michael Hutchinson’s wines of Spain … hurt so good.
Anyway, back to Cherry Pie … Felicia Gomez has taken the advice to hand and is on her way to becoming a full-fledged FINISHER.   She was 2nd to big-bad-BrookeMiller in a kick-ass field sprint.  Felicia is getting better each year.
Getting better this year, too?  um … well, Fast Freddy was DEFINITELY fast.   holee-shyte, when this guy turned on the afterburners yesterday … it was clearly evident that PRO TOUR legs are of a different … consistency.  but, as cool as Freddie is … and he really is, because i heckled him a good couple times yesterday and he took it with TOTAL class and good humor … like any hip dawg cool as he is … that RockRacing kit … it’s reminding me of something … someone …Now, who could it be ….
This was the sentiment in most of the 45/55+ racers on Sunday.  a crazy-ass crash where a guy barreled into the back of another racer caused a long, long delay and much “ahhh, bummer”-ing.   turned out cool though, cuz Nolan won the field sprint with supah-mojo.    i have vid of it and will try and post it once i get some tutoring on how to upload a wordpress widget.
Oh yeah … here’s the margin between Brook and Felicia.   Awesome sprint and that Brooke Miller looks to be in PHENOMENAL condition.   I can’t wait to see that Tour of California Women’s crit in Santa Rosa.  HELL YEAH!!!
OH … again … this is famed fotopic’er, Garret Lau, taking pictures of the final PROMAN track event.  yes, he’s that hot.
This is what Brook Miller looks like when she’s all “clark kent” on us.  and that’s Rojay BennetO of TeamMorganSpinely.   He’s pretty hot, too.
And this is Heidi Horton … who has taken her recruitment for next year’s Sierra Pacific Team seriously.
And this is sessy Adam Switters who buried himself pretty deep at Cherry Pie to bring back that 8 rider break that won the honors.  Switters is another guy who’s learning that a good-natured heckle can be the highest form of compliment.
And these are some superFans of Hellyer.   Yeah, those are some historians, right there.
and here’s one of my favorite angles of the track … all them lovelies lined up and ready to froth.  perfect way to spend an afternoon.
and if we want to talk about a program on the rise, check out the Vanderkitten racers and gear.  Vanderkitten is hot stuff with a pretty good buzz around it.   I love the pink on their kit … but, must admit that i think Dave knows where my attention is being drawn in this pic…
and finally, no report of a local women’s event is complete without talkin about Kat Curi.  hell yes she’s in great form.   her and felicia jumped straight into the p1/2 race after their women’s smackdown and both were glassy-smooth wheels in the pack.   What champions.  here’s hoping a good year to all the new teams and committed athletes pushing this bidness of pedaling bikes beyond past time and into passion of lives.  in honor of you!

7 Responses

  1. That was a lot of words (in addition to the pix)! Thanks for the updates on the weekend what-nots.

  2. The peeps and racing were top shelf yesterday!! And it was great to meet you in person finally!

    I love the fact that between a fun ride on Saturday and a day at the races on Sun, I have my first sunburn of 2008.

    Now, tell me about this VeloBella party…

  3. Bummed that I missed RTWC#3 😦 Gotta tell folks that scheduling social stuff on weekends is not part of the agenda.

    Thanks for the updates. And we want to hear about the debauchery, I mean the VB party.

  4. that’s cause brooke lives in oHIo now– the mecca of all things great– like DEVO.

  5. Nice to read some road reports for a change – thank god the mud has gone to a better place.

    Roll on more roadie posts.

  6. Freddy is looking more and more like a climber.

  7. Robert Winder just because you can not ride in the mud does not mean you should complain about mud goings ons…………….

    Dont be such a baby and be happy for any cycling at all instead of your lame point of view trying to downgrade others.

    You might not do cyclocross but i think you really do cross dressing and your mind is cross wired.

    Mud Mike

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