This Weekend ~


CCCX mtb racings {{LINK}}, oh my!

RideTheWordCups Hellyer Velodrome {{LINK}} celebrity track races …

Cherry Pie {{LINK}} pops the NCNCA Calendar.

see you at as many as i can. be sure to send me words and pics if you want me to include your shenanigans in any reportage i blather-up here. it’s email, pedalhome at the

– – – – –

Just received word that WildDingos are running wild over the site redesign … so, don’t be surprised if the place gets cleaned up a bit in the coming whenevers.

you know, cuz i take this shit so seriously.


5 Responses

  1. Looking forward to the new design…and get my ars kicked out at CCCX Sunday with the big dogs.

  2. cute pigtails on the girl

  3. I saw a were-Keith having a pina-colada at CCCX…his trails were perfect! Seriously…he’s been diggin’, clipping, making it berm-a-licious. We’ve been spinning huffy-puffy figure-eights out there most every night this week with the kids. The Sunday opener will be fun. Some new kits to be unveiled. Borg or BlueSteel? You decide.

  4. “new scribblins” on the new design please, I’m off the back already. See you Saturday!!!

  5. The race course is already set out there for the cccx race, i think keith has been working over time out there,

    i also saw this article about Brian Lopes and defiebre racing cyclocross together

    here is the link

    see ya on the trails

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