NorCal Newz …


The RideTheWorldCup final event has been RESCHEDULED {{LINK}} to February 9th!!!

fixedboys.jpgnow that makes me very, very happy. Look out folks … the new Montano Velo {{LINK}} man-meat squad may be able to make a bit of debut next weekend.

That’s right … i’m talking about the most fabulous combination of men in tights since hetero became hot again. Yup … my new track mates might have a bit of skin for me to wear with them next weekend as we celebrate the final fundraiser for the Shelley-O and PROMAN {{LINK}} dream machine to Beijing.

Come out and play, friends.
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Hail the new RoadieScum season, folks … it is upon us. While some of us were down south making the rounds of wine tasting and taking part in the Santa Barbara World Championships {{LINK}} (ala “Mothballs Crit”) … Norcal had the last of the EB Crits.

It looks like the newly formed “Sierra Pacific” racing team {{LINK}}  took a big bite of ’08 by storming off the front with Joel Robertson and Brian Bosch. Looks like they were gone the entire race, learning how to TT off the front again in a race. I think they’ll be practicing that tactic a lot this year.

deadmenpedalings.jpgNext weekend is the first official ice-breaker of NorCal’s season with the perennial sweet spot of Napa and the Cherry Pie Criteriums {{LINK}}. Should be HUGE fields and much powerhousing as riders look to re-learn the painfaces and dig themselves into anaerobic debt for a few moments.

Cherry Pie always has aggressive, over-indulgent racing … so, should be great viewing this weekend. Hope the weather is sunny and bold … cuz the bike riding sure will be, i reckon.


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  1. 0 + 2 = 1

    I’m out for Saturday. Have fun getting the World Cup Kids in shape.

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