i got nothin …

holee shyte, what a “vacation.”

– – – – –

i’ll be back in the publishing biz after a few hours of catchup at work. But, if i can bend a quick ear down to the ground ~

the Mothballs crit is a great way to scrape a bit of winter off the back. It’s down in Goleta/Santa Barbara … where all the fabulous people live … forever. It’s such a lovely-weird area … surreal in it’s ever-young, never-seeming-to-change lifestyle. what can you say?

The geezer’s races were sooooo much fun. We of the VOS had Hennessey taking the “elder statesmen” category early in the day. Then Steven Gile took the 45+ in an incredible sprint finish with a powerhouse Amgen dude and ex-local SpinelyMorgan rider Gregarios. It was a GREAT sprint finish and there are a few pics of it out on the interwebs i’m sure able to be stole’d.

Later still, we suited up for the 35s and prosey races and show’d ourselves well … even if we couldn’t follow up with another win. Well, we can’t be too greedy in the first crit of the year. What a good time.

i especially enjoyed seeing how many women joined in with our 35+ race. They were SOLID. I’m proud to say that one of my VOS teammates decided that the best wheel in the race to follow was … a woman’s.

and it was true. Seley of PROMAN, Hostetter of Velo Bella, and even High Road big ring Anderson were out there being glass all day long. what fun. what good training. what a great way to spend a Saturday morning.


6 Responses

  1. “my VOS teammates decided that the best wheel in the race to follow was … a woman’s.”

    duh. lol

  2. “my VOS teammates decided that the best wheel in the race to follow was … a woman’s.”

    If that is news, then perhaps we need another training camp for the VOS folks … to go over some of the basics of life.

  3. Dirty old men

  4. Hmm, but apparently you had a different strategy.

  5. Kim anderson is a motor!!! I couldn’t believe she rode the 35+ race after getting taken out in a crash in the 3s! She is super…and super nice, too.

  6. Apparently the “different” strategy led to this finish:

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