now that’s bike racing …

bigboner.jpgVsNewz’s Andy Hood has a {{LINK}} good article about the carnage in Qatar.

check it out.

Pretty cool to read BMC’s Sayer’s account of the mayhem ~

“My response was, ‘My God!'” said Mike Sayers (BMC), speaking of the high average speeds. “The first hour was 57kph and it never came down from that. It was totally frustrating trying to stay with the front group. I was on my limit. I’m a pretty good wind rider in the United States, but this is another level.”

le’ ouch.
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6 Responses

  1. Them Belgium squads get all hot and bothered in a cross wind.

  2. hot hot hot…oh yeah

  3. holee sheeit!!!

  4. thats racing at its finest… americans getting their asses kicked, love it

  5. actually, them SlipStreamers are doing pretty well over there.

    these guys just might be america’s next team.

    we’ll see if Vaughter’s stays true to the Colorado blue


  6. Oh, looks like we got a blame America firster. Time to call in Captain Colbert.

    BMC is doing what they can, but Slipstream certainly is on the rise. Of course, with the help of some non-Yanks. Good stuff nonetheless.

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