for stevil

to cheer him up when he’s taking the popsicle in the wrong end


… to hear more, follow the {{LINK}}


7 Responses

  1. WARNING: Do not EVER listen to SoKo immediately after listening to DMX!!!

    I felt something go “POP” in my head. That’s not good, right?

  2. speaking of Stevil and places where the sun don’t shine, how come the rss linkies to HTATBL don’t work?

  3. wordpress disables HTABL’s rss feed.

    and i can’t embed video in this template either.

    stupid wordpress. can’t wait to get this site f’ing redone.

  4. She’s kinda like Flight of the Conchords. But scary.

  5. That chick is crazy….but my new fav expression might be “I keel er”.

  6. It’s like ‘Fatal Attraction…the musical’

  7. Hey, if this is WordPress, what you do is click the Code tab, and then just embed (copy and paste) the code from the YouTube page. You’ll find it, it’s right under Embed. Or switch templates! 🙂

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