Cross Worlds inspire me …

to stay the crap home. it’s laundry day and i’m gone all next week ON VACATION … so, we’ve got household dooties to attend to.

well, maybe i can squeeze over to the fairgrounds for a few pedalstrokes …

– – – – –

simmsy.jpgSimms and Lloyd earn impressive top-10’s

What a wild and tumbled ride it sounds like this year’s Worlds were. Marianne Vos of der’Nederlands didn’t have any CX UCI points this year, so started in the last grid today. Apparently that wasn’t too much of a problem.

But then she dropped her chain a few hundred meters into the race … and that was a problem. Lap 1 sounded like what one would expect from a high-pressure, full-throttle event were there are 20+ cameras filming your every snot bubble and any bike bobbles can bump you 10 places back before you can utter “butter’d up kuup-fer-naagel”.

But, the cream will always rise …

uberdeutscher.jpgHanka the uber-Deutcher took off early in the race and solo’d home with a comfortable margin. Vos rallied heroically past all the other mortals to claim 2nd, with a frenchie battle between the old-guard of Leboucher and the nuevo-quick Ferrier-Bruneau … with the vet Leboucher claiming one final World’s medal to end her career.

comparisons_galore.jpgand that’s cool.

But …

i have to just make a small comment here on the women’s podium … i mean, with Vos and Leboucher flanking Hanka?

… it looks like mamma Kupfernagel and her wee 12 year-old babyboybrats.
– – –

Our US riders performed very well again ~ Simms 7th (yes, she’s ours, too) and Lloyd 9th (after a very, very long season), with Barnholt, Dombroski, and Butler at 20, 21, and 22. And that’s cool, too.

naaawww.jpgKatherine the Great took a start, but pulled out before the end of the first lap due to that mystery “muscle injury” that everyone is reporting on, but NOT reporting on. I mean, how hard is it to f’ing ask the girl, hey Compton, why the hobble?

Is it an IT band? a pulled groin? or something else?

it’s obvious i need to start contacting these riders myself to get the gawdamn scoop..
– – –

The Men of Orange

yup, CNoble was right in his prognostication and that big-headed 22 year-old Nedernymph won himself some rainbow stripes. Good on him. Of course we all rejoice when ANYONE NOT BELGIAN wins a cross race, especially if it happens to be for the global title.

The course was fast with no recovery and offered ample opportunity for the strongest riders to come to the front. Page, Johnson and Powers were very good for the US, but honestly, none of those guys excel like the Euro’s on those barn-burner courses. I think all three would have preffered a nice goopy serving of mud-belge over this year’s non-barriered throttle-fest in Italy.

ah well.
– – –

treboned.jpgIt’s a shame that Treebone wasn’t healthy enough to race … this was “once-a-decade” course for Cross Worlds … a golden opportunity for the Kona rider to make a name for himself across the pond. c’est la vie.

U-23 and Junior men were also “victims of the design,” i reckon. I was really hoping that Driscoll would be able to show his hardman’itis in a slew of mud and blood … but, a 34th was respectable against the Eurotrash. Weighal, Chance’r, and CArson Miller were 43, 44 and 45 as well.

Luke Keough was an impressive 10th at 1:12 down to the French champion, Jouffrey. That is a very, very strong showing by the US rider in his first Worlds.
– – –

ah well … gotta date with the laundry machinery at the moment.


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