notactualbike.jpgyo, yo … it’s time to make someone happy.

MattL happened across some “crackhead” selling a SCOTT CR1 … for $40. And all i could thing was … damn, that’s a pretty sweet deal, eh?

musictheft.gifAnyway, he wants to find the owner of the bike … and i know i heard someone yelling “fire” awhile back about such a beast being ripped … but, can’t for the life of me remember where.

So come out of the woodwork with the serial number … otherwise, in 120 days ~ that bad boy goes to Matt!

Any takers? email the good semaritan, maleonardphi @

Get down with your Karma!

– – – – –


3 Responses

  1. Thats not Flandis. Insider source.

  2. Hmm, bike isn’t in the stolen database of the pohlice.

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