… speaking of CYCLOCROSS!!!

sccx.jpghey now … that’s right folks, it’s the FINAL RACE OF THE SEASON for us low-landers.

DaveyG {{LINK}}will be putting us through the muck and murder of that most beautiful of goo’d courses, WatsonVile. Yup, our suffering in filth awaits.

My one mud race of the year …

i am a cleanly-freak, prissy-boy.

no doubt about it.

– – – – –


4 Responses

  1. Great old pic of Laurent “cleanly-freak, prissy-boy” Fignon. Have fun in the mud this weekend!!

  2. Oh yeah, it’s going to be super-messy out there. Should be fun for those who love wallowing!

  3. Actually not the final Cross race of the year in Nor Cal. Don’t forget about the Santa Rosa CX race on Feb 16th.
    If it keeps on raining it is likely t be a real mudfest up there also.

  4. ah yes, Casey … but, you forgot the “low-landers” …

    that was meant to reference we still have one more up north to do … i guess i should have referenced a link.

    but, this wordpress is too much of a f’ing hassle and i just said forget it.

    lazy me.

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