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jojo_champ.jpgJoJo = National Champ

I’ll just say … In a shocking development in US Cycling ~ Mo Bruno-Roy got her title pulled from under her feet by USA Cycling. The bottom line is that if you race in a World Cup in the same calendar year of the championships, you’re ineligible.

Bummer for Mo. I respected her quote in CN, though {{LINK}} ~

Bruno-Roy said that she was not aware of her ineligibility, and apologised to her sponsors and competitors. “Neither the race officials at Nationals nor I were aware that I was ineligible at the time of the event. I would like to share in the responsibility for the oversight of this rule with the USA Cycling officials at Nationals as this decision is being made six weeks after the event.”

brunod.jpgNot the way I’d like to see JoJo get rewarded for her hardwork and dedication to the sport … but, 5 years from now all we’ll remember is that the gawdamn uber-couple of Andy and Josie Jacques-Maynes BOTH won National Titles in the same year.

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timely.jpg Speaking of awe

In the text/graphic above … you’ll notice a little blurb about the Time Factory Team going Pro for ’08. This is a concept team put together by that mouthpiece of a bike rider, Erik Saunders.Time Pro Cycling has evolved “from a 6-rider elite amateur squad into a 12-rider UCI Continental team.” {{LINK}} Personally, I think it’s pretty damn cool to see a small group grow slowly and steadily into the big(ger) leagues.

I don’t have much experience with Saunders other than reading his old blog a couple times and chuckling a bit at his over-the-top baggins on pro riders and politics. He was a bit too self-smackering for my tastes, but I respected the passion the guy exhibited in the sport.

wigger.jpgI do have one story to tell about Saunders … well, actually it’s about that McGuire team that used to exist as an almost-pro outfit. One year at Redlands, I had flatted about 30-40k into a stage out to that F’ball of a climb up Oak Glen. I flatted and had to do the hussle-butt chase to try and catch anything resembling a caravan.

Well, i was humping along at a descent pace, but not making a huge amount of in-roads on the pack. It was a very fast section across or up to a damn, a reservoir, or something’er other. I could see the ass-end of the caravan up the road about 50-60 seconds … an eternity. a gawdamn misery filled, tendon snapping eternity … pumped into a less-than minute gap [expletive inserted here].

i had the gas turned full, chin bouncing on the stem, teeth gnawing the bartape bloody …

wezfaceoff.jpgAnd then, the McGuire team car came swooping past me at easily 40+mph. I had just a micro-second of reaction time when i heard the car coming from behind. I glanced just a hair to the left periphery and saw what was coming … a fucking car, right at me.

I pushed my ass to the right and felt the smack of the car’s right mirror “snickt” across my hip, and the stomach dropping SWOOSH of the car’s draft as it slid past me.

And right on that McGuire car’s bumber … were Saunders and one of his teammates … getting their nice ride back up to the peloton. I remember being SHITALL pissed for a few seconds, and then i just kind of nodded my head and said, “damn … wish i had a team car.”

good times.
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vsnews_redo.jpg VNewz gets a face-lift

well … it’s kinda weird how similar their format is to my new one …except theirs is a bit more pro, and a LOT KLUNKIER.Maybe when they see my upcoming redesign, they’ll have another go at their beta-site.

yeah baby!


4 Responses

  1. Congrats to Jo Jo!

  2. Sue Butler raced a World Cup Dec 26, 11 days after winning 35 -39 natz. Is her title gonna get yanked too?

  3. I guess she is now!

  4. 1 Sue Butler (River City Bicycles) 39.32
    2 Sydney Brown (Badger Cycles) 1.02
    3 Lauren Costantini (Sycip Racing) 1.46

    sydney brown … come on down!

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