because it’s almost 5, and i’m ready to drink …

Yup, one rough week and i’m ready to kick this bugger out the door.

but, let’s finish it off with a few more randoms as i TRY TO LEARN HOW TO USE THIS GAWDAMN WORDPRESS…. stupid f’ing computers.

– – – – –

FLANDIS … again? you’re shitting me ~

yup, it’s true. i’m just going to quote the whole damn thing … it’s from our aussieBro’s {{LINK}} at CN:

Anonymous cyclist sues USADA

By Steve Medcroft

The Associated Press reported on Friday that an unnamed cyclist filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court seeking an injunction to prevent USADA from testing a backup urine sample the agency took during the 2006 racing season even though, as the suit claims, the A sample for the rider returned a negative result.

Since international rules dictate that an athlete can only be considered to have returned a sanctionable positive doping test if both the A and B sample return positive results, the suit claims that the order of a B test following a negative A test amounts to harrassment of the rider.

a-visit-with-sadistic-vet.jpgThe lawsuit, filed on behalf of ‘John Doe’ by the same legal team that represented Floyd Landis in his doping case before USADA, is asking for a jury trial to recoup damages the cyclist claims he suffered when USADA notified race organizers and a testing lab that the rider was under suspicion of doping.

Landis is reported to have told the Associated Press that he is not the plaintiff in the suit leaving the identity of the rider, and the race from which the testing was ordered, a mystery.

Is this News of the Weird, or what?

– – – – –

myboys.jpgTEAM BLACKIE … i love you

i don’t have anything else to say. This is my {{LINK}} new favorite team.

in the world.

– – – – –

Keep the thing pucker’d up, Sir Drunkingham.

some of us need shits like you around.

– – – – –

error0kn.pngI AM OUT!

Have a good weekend, ya’ll. It’s likely i’ll toss some verbage up this weekend and maybe even spend a few hours Saturday working on the site and trying to fix this f’d up margin issue i’m having —–>

see you in the funny papers …


5 Responses

  1. yeah, that was clear in the first article … but, what kills me is that Landis is SOMEHOW linked to yet another doping story.

    i mean … what the F?

    the guy is just a magnet for shit these past couple years. does anyone remember a certain phone call to Lemond about his pre-teen willy?

    i mean … what the FUCK?

    the guy is gone (floyd landis, i mean). And, i fear … all the good that Ball has done (perceived or not) for his team or (gulp) the sport is being crapped down the drain these past weeks.

    now he (or, his company) is just getting headlines at the expense of the sport.

    i will be quite surprised if that team takes a startline in 2009. This year might be the swan song.

    but, i’m wrong all the time, so …

  2. it’s going to be an interesting ToC that’s for sure…

  3. Totally off topic. I tested my new Williams 30’s today and those wheels rock!!! And all for 20 bucks more than I ebayed my wore out Ksyriums.

  4. Ball needs to hire a manager to get that team’s shit together. You know, to handle the complex things, like say getting the appropriate license for your team. Tell him, maybe, what a director sportif does. Then he can promote the team by driving around in his babe filled Escalade flashing gang sings.

    But this sounds possibly like the tattooed love god brought this on himself, blabbing about being on the juice. I’m not sure, though, what testing the B sample will do, though. Maybe some tests weren’t run?

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