busy morning …

Let’s see what can be squeezed out this morning ~

boomage.jpgCycloCrush Worlds in … Italy?

You’re right, it just sounds weird to have a mudbog-gruntfest of a bike race in the land that usually has more goo on hair than on tread. I don’t know much about the Treviso course other than it’s a fast hard circuit, but i reckon it’s prolly a storied and somewhat venerated venue.

so, right on.

Personally, I’m going to just put stock in who the Chance {{LINK}} pics as winner. I think it’s probably because Chance looks a bit like Boom … still, i’ll run with whoever that boy picks in the races.

AND, it looks like Chance is going to have some video of the European Adventure up sometime after he gets back …

can’t wait to see that.

simmly.jpgI’d love to see that Wendy Simms {{LINK}} break onto the podium. She was quite all year long until this past month where she’s picked up back to back 5th places at the big races. She’ll get a decent start grid and may just be comfortable enough to ride to her potential. I’ve seen Simms at a lot of races now, (and, it’s obvious to anyone who has …) she will get faster.

and i’m very interested to see how that uber-pedaler and National Champ Amy Dombroski {{LINK}} does. She’s about as tough a young woman as i’ve come across lately.

dombrouchski.jpgI saw her picking herself up from a Vegas digger to start the season … and then, i read about her winning U-23’s on a hurt knee, and then lining up for Elite’s the next day, too.


I’m also a big fan of that Driscoll kid racing in the U-23’s. I hope he gets a big chunk of medal at this year’s Worlds. My favorite pick of the kid this year has to be at Portland … in the freezing mud … there he is ~ no gloves.

drisc.jpghe loves this shit.

And yes, JonPage looks to be fully Euro-fied now as his cross season consists of … the Worlds.

I think Jon has taken a Page out of a few Belgies who peak for the end of January and suffer through most the rest of the Cross season across the pond.

… they let Nys win all those “non-important” races, i suppose …

But the real American I want to see throw some turf in faces is the 9-ball, TimmyJ!

Let’s hear it for a goof with some perspective on the scene. Johnson reminds me of the guy who joined a fraternity in college … but, only did it because he got sucked in … ‘cuz secretly … he’s an outsider, just like us.



10 Responses

  1. I really like Johnson also. He just seems real.

  2. TJ is your skinsuit buddy

  3. Looks like a nice uphill finish. Wellens hasn’t won a race all year and I think he is due.

  4. Go TJ – a nice guy a bit geekish that happens to ride a bike really well!!

  5. Speaking of cross, Josie’s just been declared a Nat Champ….

  6. p.s. check out cyclingnews.com, revision to MasterNatz 30+women

  7. darn…how did I miss VB’s scoop..

  8. Got you by 20 minutes!!

  9. Yeah, Dombroski. I saw her at Portland and didn’t know what a youngster she is. She churns out some serious wattage. I’m a fan.

  10. I like Johnson. I hope he beats Page too. That guy seems like his head has just been getting bigger and bigger the last couple years. Go TJ!

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