Local Drugs

Do riders I know and compete with take performance enhancing drugs?

real_queer.jpgwhat a bazaar question to consider. i mean … i know a LOT of riders who can drug themselves up pretty stupid with liquorbrews … i mean, we had a “training camp” down in SLO-wine country last weekend where Sabine and I somehow managed to leave there with many more bottles than came with …

anyway, here’s what i do know ~

i work really, really, REALLY hard at intervals and technique drills and focus more of my brainpan on the bike than anyone sane really should …

equichemad.jpgand so, if riders i know are EPO’sers or snuffing HGH or injecting testosterone gel into their eyesacs …

i really, really, REALLY could not care less.

i get to ride at the front of most races, sometimes get some trinkets, and ALWAYS enjoy the scenery.

get out there and ride.


42 Responses

  1. Congrats on the new look!!! Thanks for keeping it real.

    Gotta watch those trips to Passo/SLO. We made a pre-holiday trip and almost had to ditch the in-laws to make room for the wine ;).

  2. Thanks Michael. This means alot to those of us trying to scratch our way up to the front.

  3. “Do riders I know and compete with take performance enhancing drugs?” It would be naive to think some weren’t using.

    as for caring if they do… if I was just riding around, enjoying the scenery and the feeling of being on a bike. I wouldn’t care at all.

    but, when it comes to lining up against someone in competition- using performance enhancing drugs undermines the competition itself. At that point, great challenges, great events become nothing more than sad puppet shows and lame spectacles.

  4. OV (if that’s still your name…), This question is the elephant in the room and I like your way of dealing with it. Really, I mean that. F the elepant and enjoy the ride! That is the best attitude for a guy your age (and mine too, and anyone else over, say, 30). But what about a young guy who’s giving it a go? It’s guys like that who I feel bad for. And yes, I think it’s happening in California. There are enough anecdotal stories and rumors of failed A tests and barely-passed B tests to make you think, where there’s smoke…

  5. i hear you guys … doping sucks and it sucks to be beaten because of dope in another’s gills.

    but … i like to consider it this way ~

    there are people who are going to be fast. i have to train hard to compete with them. if they get faster,

    i must train harder.

    if they are too fast and i can’t keep up … then i simply re-adjust my personal goals.

    i’m really not that worried about not being first across a line … but, my paycheck doesn’t depend on it.

    what’s the answer for young riders swinging against these windmills?

    Make Clean Racing Dope

    make Clean … Cool.

  6. right on OV,
    i’m with you on this one. i don’t give a rats ass what someone takes, i know i’ve done my homework to the best of my ability and i could not have done any better. of course, i DO collect my paycheck for winning so when i find someone’s been stealing from me and limiting my ability to feed and care for my family, OHHHH IT’S ON you had better not meet me in a dark alley somewhere.

    and, when you know there’s some dopers down in the field when you post it for a win, it makes it that much more worth it.

    to all the young up and comers, here’s what i did way back when:

    i think i proved myself not by smashing people endlessly, but hitting it when i knew people were watching and acquitting myself under pressure. i also would like to think i dealt with both success and failure in a professional but low key manner.

    Ben J-M

  7. I think you’d be surprised how much “enhancement” takes place at the masters level, but it makes complete sense to me: an athlete who maybe wasn’t an athlete when they were younger or didn’t apply themselves, now has the resources to really make a dent in the masters peloton and avenge their mis-spent youth. the motivation is there. the re$ource$ are there. and the risk is very low, at least at face value.

  8. Lori, you write –

    I think you’d be surprised how much “enhancement” takes place at the masters level

    what makes you say that? what experience do you have? how many masters racers do you know that have done so?

    if you can’t back up these questions (and more), then that’s a pretty damn irresponsible and ignorant thing to say.

  9. Michael, sorry to say, but Lori is right.
    How do I know? Well, I talk to people. Doesn’t mean everybody dopes, but when somebody tells you in thier “crazy weightlifting days” they weighed 260 and now they weigh 205, do you not believe, at some point, they’ve taken advantage of more than just natural training and supplement methods?
    Masters racing is saturated with it for exactly the reasons Lori states. When I can talk to you face to face, I, a Master’s racer, will tell you what I know and we can have a nice little discussion and open your virgin eyes. I thought you were one of the guys who knew all this already.

  10. Gerbils

  11. “i talk to people”

    … that’s justification of saying “masters racing is saturated with it …”?
    that’s one helluva a statistical tool you’ve got going there. be sure to patent!
    yeah, i’m persuaded.

  12. Mike H, Lorri, et al…
    I’m gonna agree with Mike H – if you don’t KNOW then don’t perpetuate the rumor-mill of doping in masters racing….does it happen, well maybe….I don’t know any dopers so I can’t say positively yes or no….do I think it happens…statistics say, right?! Anyway, I’ll take the OV path of least resistance – if a doper needs to be a doper to hang in a M35+ race (or a P/1/2 race for that matter, or g*d forbid a 3’s race…lol) then how much must they truly SUCK! Let ’em dope to be pack fodder…I’m not worried about ’em…I ride for so much more than the ‘results (yea, no jokes for those of you that know me and my complete-lack-of-results!)

    At the championship level (eg masters nationals) – there should be a change in protocol to mandate testing, but that’s fanciful thinking given the, relative, unimportance of masters racing to USAC/UCI.

  13. I think (hope?) that doping in Masters is very rare, but I would not say it’s nonexistent. It’s sad but not too important in the scheme of things. The problem in my opinion is if doping at the cat-1 or D3 level is interfering with young, clean riders giving it their best shot. Sure, the really talented ones (e.g., T. Phinney) will shine no matter what the competition is doing, but I’m talking about the marginal ones who work hard and might just claw their way onto a D3 team for a few years if the playing field is level. I hope for their sake that it is, or soon will be.

  14. I will personally and publicly humiliate and attempt to destroy any local bike rider – master or not – I find out to be cheating. Where the f*ck is Fuentes anyway? I’ve been building up a bunch of anger at the ol’ 9-to-5 and I need to let off a little steam.

  15. ah, who cares. I don’t know if there are dopers among us… but probably fewer then you think and I bet they hate on themselves plenty and know little happiness. I don’t want to be them for anything. sometimes I think it matters if I win or not… luckily I usually come around after a month or two of misery and realize there are much more important things.

    funny. cause I am muscular I’ve been accused of the serious nastyness before… that is just dumb. I am sorry if you don’t understand the nature of weight training, but it is just another sport that happens to make you big and no more iindicative of doping then those freaks who have trained themselves to go up hills fast. you want to know how to go from 200 to 260 lbs? I’ll show you, where’s my twinkies?!!

  16. That would be pretty pathethic to picture a 35 plus year old , 5 day a week 9 to 5er, shooting up or snorting up. All for the sake of another cog or two of speed going around in a circle on the weekends. Laughable actually.

  17. I don’t have to dope to be pack fodder!

  18. Sounds like smack has roid rage. Easy on the testy patches, boy.

  19. I believe these two master racers have been well documented:

    Tammy Thomas, master national “champion” – lifetime ban started Aug 2002 for doping violations.

    Stephen Alfred of Capitola, master national record holder – 8 year suspension for exogenous testosterone or its precursors and for human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), ban started Jan. 2007.

  20. Mike – Kudos to you and your training program. I adhere to the same sort of program – ride as much as my schedule allows, and have fun. Yes, it’s great to win and it’s tough to end up pack fodder, but I know I’ve given it everything I have (and usually have the data to back it up), so I’m satisfied. Could I do better? Sure – if I had more time to train. So, I’m training with power, working with a coach, and focusing my goals a little more. In the meantime, I hope to make the races interesting and have some fun doing it. Will I suffer? Oh hell yes. SO much. Will it make me stronger? I sure hope so…

    Keep on keepin’ on!


  21. Screw the dopers, I’m scared of the muslims!
    The only thing we have to fear…..is what the media tells us.

  22. what I find interesting (and maybe just a bit ignorant and irresponsible) about this topic and the response, is that we’re willing to put our heads in the sand and ignore the issue just because there isn’t testing for masters (except at the world’s level). If USADA isn’t interested in masters athletes then there must not be any doping, right?

    I’ve been working in the bike biz for seven years. in that time, I’ve had contact with 100s of masters athletes (men and women). without a doubt in my mind, there are athletes who are supplementing with more than cytomax and sports legs.

    no testing = no problem

    btw, I personally limit my enhancements to pizza, beer, and the occasional ice cream, but then again you can probably see the results since I’m fat & slow!

  23. Lori –

    i race with the best masters racers in the nation – every week, all year long, in track/mtb/cross/and road. i betcha i could name almost every male and female masters racer in this region … and i FOR SURE can at least recognize them and their riding style if i don’t know their names.

    i’ve watched (some would say too intimately) more NorCal racing over these past years than probably anyone.

    I do not believe there is anything CLOSE to a widespread use of performance enhancers in our region.

    and if i hear one more complaint about MASTERS drug testing i think i’ll just spit.

    BEFORE WE WORRY ABOUT MASTERS ON THE JUICE … please, let’s put our meager resources into trying to stop doping at the professional level.

    i really don’t think we need Masters testing right now. We need accurate, FUNDED, and continual testing on pros.

    oh, and LIFETIME BANS.

  24. If there is widespread doping in the masters fields, it is not doing a whole lot of good. I can get by with little training (have not done any real interval training in 15 years) and I’m not getting blown away. Given the billions of dollars men spend on “male enhancement” and Rogaine, though, I would not be surprised to hear of a geezer or two getting hopped up on the juice to try to achieve glory in a Velopromo race. I mean heck, if they are going to drop 10k on the male enhancement between their legs, what’s a couple of bucks for HGH that can be found at any body building site. But again, it ain’t doing much.

    But it certainly would be a waste to try to catch any gummer dopers. It’s the pros that get the press, and the kids coming into the sport that need policing. And I say that more so to protect the clean riders. I’m not going to lose my paycheck if a geezer is popping something to go fast. Kids trying to make it in the business will. Protect them, and let me suffer in piece.

  25. I agree that doping is likely not widespread on the local level, regardless of category or age. From my ability to compete with these individuals, I would say it would be very sad if people were doping to go as slow as we go – both Pro 1 and Masters. If we find out someone is doping – well I will just use that as motivation to suck their weheel and subsequently kick their ass…..

    If you are doping and you are reading this, rest assured there are major health risks associated with ALL forms of doping. Is bike racing really worth time or quality off of your life??? If so, your a dumbass.

    Oh, why is Brian so bitter – didn’t he win a National Title this year?

  26. I know many Masters that take performance un-enhancing drugs.

  27. Hutch has been doping us all up with his Spanish wine.

  28. that’s my kind of un-enhancing!

    or would it be “de-hancing”?

    sounds like a german folk dance…

  29. me = spanish wine junkie

  30. Wurd

  31. Speaking of old dopers. How about that Andre Greipel winning a stage in the TDU. I bet Rudy Pevenage is happy to see one of his lab rats still winning.

    Team High Road?

  32. If you got to dope to beat a geezer like Hernando, it’s time to choose a different sport! Hernando and Hutch crush the masters scene, if anyone could spot surprise performances it would be them.

    I am sure there are a few out there, but widespread? I don’t think so. Some cyclists are like wine, they simply get better w/ age. Hernando, Hutch and Nolan are prime examples.

  33. Annony. Different Brian, I think.

  34. Just for clarity. I think the first post by a Brian is Brian Meirs.

  35. German folk dancing = performance enhancing. I know this from my many years in the German folk dancing industry. seriously!

  36. I’m with Mr. Hernandez on this one and feel that we all should strive to acheive the same sense of self-satisfaction. That being… “I’m doing this to have fun, hang out with my friends, and be as good as I can be. It doesn’t matter what the others are doing. Enjoy the ride, regardless.”

    Last year was my first year of racing at age 37 and I’m hooked. And now I’m training my tail off at oh-dark-thirty every day and suffering and freezing and loving it.

    And I know a lot of you are, too, cause I see your skinny asses out there. Very cool.

    And if some jaggoff wants to dope it up before Copperopolis, then whatever big fella. You’re only hurting yourself. Enjoy your T-Shirt (if you get one). But you probably drive a friggin a Hummer, too — and frankly, the Hummer bothers me a lot more than the hemoglobin.


  37. What do you all say about tents?

    is that cheating? Cuz we all know there are plenty of tents out there.

  38. Hmm, does altering the atmosphere equate to cheating?

    No poking or popping, or any other form of ingesting.

    One could live up top of a mountain and drive up to sleep and ride down to train and get the same effect (although it would create some were and tear driving up and down).

    But seeing that it is technically something that can be done naturally, I would not call it cheating.

  39. If you are willing to sacrifice quality of life and sleep in a tent…more power to you. Sleeping in a tent is dedication, injecting altitude is cheating.

    I did a fair amount of research on tents, 99% of what I could find was published by CAT, and the testimonials are from sponsored athletes…so the true benefits need to be taken w/ a grain of salt.

  40. does eating a pot brownie by accident before a cyclocross race count as using a performance enhancing drug?

  41. Annony, I’m not bitter, just disappointed.

    Having dopers in sport is like finding out AFTER taking the first bite of your favorite sandwich that the dog pissed on the picnic basket. We can keep chewing and say it doesn’t matter, but it stil leaves a bad taste in our mouths.

    Lauren= brownies are only performance enhancers in gravity races. Unless they’re “special” brownies.

  42. just for clarification:

    pot is NOT a performance enhancer. trust me. i think it’s one of the biggest de-hancers around.

    but, be sure to share that brownie next time.

    as for 02 tents … i think Rob nailed it. the data isn’t all reliable.

    and, i gotta say – as someone who has lived at elevation for a few years and then come down from the mountain …

    i sense no difference EXCEPT when i go and race at altitute on the 2nd or 3rd day. then, for some reason i have a bad day … and then, it rights itself and i’m fine.


    oh … and i totally crack at exactly 8,303 feet of elevation. but then, at about 9k … i’m fine again.


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