the F-Train cometh ~

fear_me.jpgApparently Larry Nolan blew apart the universe out at the latest Early Bird Criterium.

i remember doing one of those Early Birds a couple years back and having that chunk of muscle in an early season break-away …

… riding a break with Nolan is like trying to merge into the fast-lane with a mini-van. you gotta really pay attention to timing, or you’ll find that gap opening in a blink.

I haven’t been following too closely the developments of teams and strategies for the upcoming NorCal Sluggerfest Season. I reckon the first biscuit on table is that stupid Cherry Pie race {{LINK}}. It’s a race i love to hate … nerd-bucket design of a finishing hill that is not long enough to kill off sprinters, but JUST long enough to wet the appetites of weak-limbed, big-lunged smash and grabbers such as myself.

cherries1.jpgI really do enjoy watching the fireworks on that course, though. Riders attack Cherry Pie like Roman Candles. They blaze hot in a few brilliant moments of lactic burn … and then spurt back to the darkness of the peloton.

it’s a good race for drafting. it’s a good race for attacking.

those are elements that always bring me pain.
love it, can’t wait.


4 Responses

  1. a little more about Larry at Truth be told, it was Taylor Kuphaldt that did the most leg ripping on Sunday. No fewer than 8 laps in the wind with either Roman Kilun-it or Larry. Gotta love juniors that race like it is a world championship every time they step over a top tube.

  2. Does this mean we can start talking about drugs already this year?

  3. It’s here already?…craziness.

  4. Lar is a class act!

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