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Hello folks …

There’s an actual web designer taking a look at this website. She won’t let me advertise her business … but, let’s just say there’s a crazy ass chick who had a doggie from down under and she builds sites. if you know, you know.
Anyway … maybe this site will stop BURNING MY EYEBALLS OUT FROM ITS SUCK.


image by Jim Fryeryes, she deserves attention put on her. but, it’s a heavy, heavy load to place on someone’s shoulders.

and i suppose there is a note to listen to in there … people sticking their necks out, exposing themselves to the cut.

there are those who do it solely for glory, and there are those who just smile at it and say, “oh my, all this … really? well, thanks!”

Shelley says, thanks.

Her crash at LA sounded awful. I was going to ask Greysome how it shook out, but decided that whatever happened, i know that it was a situation unavavoidable. Because Olds is an exceptional bike handler at speed and effort. When we were at the last training race/fund raiser … it was clearly evident that her ability to read and react on the bike is pro-level.

Pro … do we really know what it means? a PROFESSIONAL.

We do. We see it, and recognize it for what it truly is … the complete and utter dedication to perfecting a craft. the musician who climbs scales with soulfully self-precisioned digits, evokes emotion with a simple progression because each note is a step into a world, an immersion in the moment … there is only, the note played ~ right now.

and some play symphonies?

gorock.jpgCIPOLLINI and Les enfants terribles

so, Cipo will dawn a few kits and race a bit for Ball’s jeans.


sink_like_a.jpgPersonally, i’m loving the image of the seemless train of selflessness that the Cipo leadout will be. Oh yes, you thought the RockandRepube sprints were a sight to behold last year!

Wait till you see David “i visited there once” Klinger bashing through the final corner of the US PRO crits, with Kayle ‘body-art-double’ LeoGrande and BlackLightning Bahati playing sweeper for his Cipo’ness.

oh yeah … that’s gonna be sweet.


Neil Rogers has another piece up in his Weirdness with Floyd Interview.

sweet hayzoos … i’ve ran out of things to say about all this.

Read the article/faux-transcripts … tell me what you think.


i love training.

i’m on the bike … all the time. Even right now, part of me is somewhere on a lovely bit of road, with just enough wind to play with and all the time in the world to layer on that sweet suffering.


peaks_marin.jpgI am a firm believer in the upgrades one receives from attending structured training camps.

The folks behind a training camp in BEAUTIFUL Marin this March {{LINK}} have bought some adspace on this here website.

i’ll be writing up my thoughts on the benefits of training with power in a bit. Look for the info on the right sidebar. A link will be provided soon.


11 Responses

  1. I think Sir Flandis has steeped into the deep. Blasting Slipstreem and High Road cycling, or whatever the former TMob squad is called just seems to lack any sort of awareness of your situation. Hanging out with the Rock Racing crew speaks for itself. I think regardless of right or wrong, the guy would really benefit from moving on to chapter 2, and what is next in his career and life. The bitterness pill seems to be fresh in his mouth. I think if his main goal is to point out and improve the testing mess, this tactic and approach should be tossed. I bet we have seen the last of this guy, but not heard the last from him by far.

  2. Shelly is a rock. (period)

    Yah time to spruce this site up a bit. Call that gal with the dog to freshin this shiz up. My site sucks too by the way, tell her to help me out.

    Chipo deepo,, you just like him cause he wears fancy pants and bright pink full body suits and rocks em like no other. Ok he was a damn fast sprinter with big teeth and nice shoes….jerk.

  3. You are going to train with power!! The sky is falling. You now have swung from the dark side to the darker side. It will take me months to renew my respect in you…..

  4. El Bummer, now my old school training hold out hero is lost to those who tap on the power meter.

    It’s a sad day for cycling.

  5. Don’t forget that Floyd was BBF with Willy “asshole” Geoghean. That was his nick name back in Athens OH in the early 90’s. He was such a prick to all the OU team members that we all just knew him as “Asshole” Willy. Now Floyd is buddies with “Spoiled Brat” Ball. Wow great people Floyd chooses to surround himself with. Oh and he did get busted while riding for Phonak. I think Alex was the only member of that team NOT to get busted.

    Floyd….Please stop.

  6. you don’t think i train with power?

    well .. i thought i was pretty quick today. I mean, maybe not POWER … but, i was training pretty good.

    for an old. guy.

    I’m 37 years old. i work too much. i don’t have many hours in the day. i’ve gotta do this shit right.

    i used to LOOOOOOOOVE my PowerTap. I pretty much rubbed the wrong parts of my body against that little yellow powertap computer.

    i loved it’s shape … reminded me of something … just can’t remember what.

    anyway, here’s the answer to your question on what i train on ~ power, or poetry; inspired by insanity or calcufied into a computer readout ~

    … i train.

    with power.

  7. i thought you were 36..

  8. BBF? wouldn’t that be BFF? not that I know or anything — just sayin.

  9. Oh yea. I guess it would be BFF. Unless they were Best Buds Forever.

  10. I didn’t see what caused the crash with Shelley. My eyes were elsewhere on the track and I just saw her sliding sideways on the apron and she was then mostly obscured from our view. Shawn (of Montano Velo, you know him) was in the infield after that and didn’t come back with any “it was that sketchy Lithuanian chick” stories. She wasn’t the first down, so I’m pretty sure it happened in front of her. She was down for a few minutes, so we were just relieved to see her stand up.

    The race in general did not appear sketchy, and Shelley was by no means in over her head with the competition–on the contrary, she was riding aggressively. By my estimation she looked stronger than Marianne Vos this weekend if that’s, ahem, saying anything.

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