Shelley Rock Lobstar

olds_tar.jpgThe World Cup kicks off today. It’s in LA … that 250meters of swirling mayhem. {{LINK}}

Check out Shelley Olds of PROMAN on her Rock Lobster.

apparently we’ve got FIXEDGEARFEVER {{LINK}} giving us live feeds from his forums. very cool.

3:30pm is Shelley’s scratch heat … the final is at 9pm tonite.

(he he, he said ‘scratch heat’ .. he, he)

Real Rock Racing.


10 Responses

  1. I’ll be sending out all the good NorCal cycling vibes I can!!

  2. hello?

    i’ll be getting live feeds from Nikki and Shelley via text-y things on the interwebs.

    RKillit is heading out for axe-swings at 1:30pm. then, McKooky goes firing at 3:30pm in the Points.

    I’ll be online, even if it gets me fired, baby!

  3. i’ll have to see if Palaez is going today, too.

  4. *remember to re-fresh web at those times*

  5. I don’t know what looks better. Shelly or that Rock Lobster. 😉

  6. it’s Shelly! that Rock Lobster wouldn’t look as good without her…

  7. cool link…thanks

  8. pelaez not going today. Teammate from philippenes riding points

  9. sweet new site, hernando. word on the street was that you were going to come into the sunshine for some of our Berry camp madness. no go?

  10. It was pretty awesome to see Shelley make the finals in the points, seeing her riding aggressively, etc. It was also a relief to see her stand up after a few minutes down on the apron after the crash. Word was they were picking splinters out her for a while. Not so cool to watch the Cuban woman Perez wheeled out on a stretcher.

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