fgf_hipsta.jpgThis site pretty much rules{{LINK}}.

They’ve got a gig where you can win a pair of CaneCreeks, {{LINK}} or something?

holee sheeit. I think those might be the wheels Hooptie’s looking into for our Montano Velo Track team. Can’t wait. And we’re gonna be riding HUNTERs {{LINK}}… hell yeah!

minemineminemineminemine.jpgI have begun begging and pleading with Rick and Maryanne that my version of the team bike have a swooping top-tube design (this bike rules me … utterly).

Anyway, FGF has live coverage all day long … and archived. Scoot around the site and see what a great resource it is.

We’ll get to see if TPhinney will be able to beat the World again. What an engine. Can’t wait to read about the Scratch later today.


3 Responses

  1. mini phinney goes for gold…

  2. Yay Shelley…

  3. damn you Hernando… I’ve caught the Fixedgearfever!!

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