Cipo …

from VeloNews ~

Cipollini is expected to train with the team and formally return to competition at next month’s Tour of California, though it’s unknown how much racing he might actually commit to. Earlier this week, it was reported that Cipollini owed more than $1 million in back taxes to Italian authorities, perhaps giving him an extra incentive to earn a paycheck again as a professional racer. There were no details of how much the Italian sprinter would be paid. {{LINK}}


This is so awesome.

The awesome-ness of this is overwhelming.

my life is complete.

now i can quit cycling and take up folk-singing.



11 Responses

  1. too awesome and overwhelming…Wow and I thought 2008 was going to be a boring year..,yay michael ball…oops i just hurled

  2. i know this is a shitty thing to say, and i know i’m spoiled on my own boy team …

    but can anyone think about how much Cipo will get from Ball this year … and how many development teams could be funded with that amount? Or a couple pro women’s teams?

    Or a bike to every kid in every school in California.

    Or a massive media push for a US WPA project that would design and create hybrid/electric vehicle factories in the US mainland. Every gawdamn GM factory in Michigan would be WPA’d and converted to alternative energy vehicle production.

    what a [rambling] socialist i am.

    But, Ball might sell a few more jeans because of Cipo.

    I say, right on.

  3. Cipo will prob’ly get his back taxes paid and a years’ supply of Puma chow.

    Seriously tho, Cipo will give Ball and RR MAD exposure especially if he gets any kind of results.

    Wasn’t Ball thinking of starting a womens team? He could get Genevieve Jeanson and Marion Jones to sign up!

  4. marion jones … classic.

  5. Ball is so Hollywood. Hollywood socialites are no socialists.

  6. I wonder if Mr. Ball will implore the win or get fired mantra on Cipo during the TOC. Its going to be a real sad sight watching a former world champ get dropped by this level of competition.

    Personally I think Ball should get Pete Rose and Michael Vick (after his time in the clink) to act as the Director Sportifs, hey the guy loves villians.

  7. Vick can run the training camp “team selection” parts…

    the weak get discarded by Vick, himself.

  8. the real question is if ball is going to manufacturing cippo-style jeans. if so, that kinda makes up for everything.

  9. so, has anyone imagined Cipo’s team kits knowing his flair for pushing the envelope regarding such?

    get your camera’s ready.

  10. Mike, you talk about development teams etc.

    You have to remember that Rock already has an Elite Team, a womens team, and a junior team. He is supporting some development out there. more then can be said for all the other pro teams out there

  11. I sure hope Cippos showing up is worth it…or sure hope he wears a an incredibly cool kit!

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