Patterson Pass Road Race

Before NorCal bites big into Napa’s Cherry Pie in a few weeks … there’s a little freeway exit of a road race down south on Interstate 5 … right where the agro-fields get big-business’er, and the aquafunnel dribbles a parallel commute, man-madenly eternal.

One hopes.

mariano_weirdbirdlyness.jpgThe Patterson Pass Road Race starts in the parking lot of a Denny’s or Holiday Inn, or something else as inspiring. Liebold usually has a tent, or two set up around some early morning sprinklers as we all huddle around smudged reg sheets and chicken wing over limited safety pins available. Mists often hang around the town at that time of morning … like a stopped up toilet.

mariano_pattersoneboys.jpgThe Patterson race neutrals out of a stripmall and, after crossing the interstate, opens into a bucolickly rolling canyon that narrows and scrambles its way up to a final hill crossing that we 180 at, just past the summit.

It’s an epic little course, to be honest. There’s room for tactics and bluffing, climbing legs and horsepower descents, sprints, TT’s, and field swarms … all packed into under 50 miles of racing.

martinas_blogporn.jpgPatterson is where I saw Larsen and Fuentes scratch each other’s eyes out. It’s where I saw Jesse Moore dance on his pedals before he went Giant with strawberries. It’s where I saw the spin and poise of a true climber as Lucas Euser [LINK]scruff-of-the-neck’d his truculent teammate Tolleson up that two mile ascent.

I think it’s ok to hate someone as young and beautiful as Lucas.  I can’t even begin to imagine how much diesel that guy is going to have this year …

It’s where legs have been broken and names have been suggested.

Patterson … check it out.


10 Responses

  1. That race was supposed to be my first race in 2006, and then I got the worst chest cold I’d had since jr. high. So, I missed it. Then, I started (and almost ended) my racing career at Wente instead. Good luck to all going to grind it out in the tully fog. I’ll be at home going for a nice training ride and surfing my couch with a good book instead….

  2. Gotta stick my technicality finger in here. Patterson Pass is another race in August (formerly Corral Hollow). The confusion is common. Has a pass like hill in it. Is near the same area. Just call it the Early Bird Road Race.

  3. chatty, Patterson Pass is probably worse (in many ways) than Wente for a 1st race. we took the team out in 2003 and haven’t been back since.

  4. vg – good to know. Since I’m not a 100 race per year kinda gal, I haven’t even considered it since 2006, because it’s just too much too early for me (hence the ‘Early Bird’, I suppose).

  5. oh yeah … Patterson Road Race.

    but, Patterson is a harder climb than Patterson Pass.

    i think.

  6. hello mr. hernandez what up yo? the new site is starting to come along hey. LIsten I want to tell you about this trick I learned with the pictures on wordpress . . . I think you will like it. No more little pictures yo. fun.

  7. and one little bad news related to this post, it looks like Bermuda is canceled for women this year:( Have you thought of using green for your text color, that might look nice and give you a little kick back to the blogger days?

  8. no bermuda for women?!?! hm… that’s just not right.

  9. There is also the Southern Nevada Stage Race in Vegas. I seem to remember Hernando doing pretty well there a couple of years back. Check it out. We would love to have a few NorCal folk come out and visit!
    A. Squirrel

  10. Bermunda cancelled?

    that sucks.

    Martina – i need help with this flubbing site. but, i haven’t had time to dink with it. what a pain in the ass.

    i’ll grab that info from you soon.

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