ugh … i can’t look at that

ubersnot.jpgok, time for a new header graphic … obviously. Now that i’ve experimented a bit on the photocrapper … i’ll take down this one and salad shooter up another.

‘Cuz there is no way in hell i’m looking at that shit everyday.yeah, definitely a new header graphic … one that has kittens.


hellyesitis.jpgHayzooz and Mary … it’s already the ’08 road season. An Olympic year. We know what that means …

In 2000 they had that LouisvileLottery in the southeast, didn’t they? Isn’t that where Tony Cruz got his shot at the O-Games and a big-ticket ride with Lance-lot and the USPosties? I remember how fast that year was … with everyone prepping for greatness … it seemed all legs had jumped up the meter a few pegs. So much speed. So much power.

It kind of feels like we may get a taste of that this year in our NorCal spring[LINK]. With the TourDayCalifornia[LINK] one of the biggest races in the world now (yes … we have to face that now), all manner of fast boy and girl bike rider will be bombarding our slopes and shooting our waves from underneath us for at least until the end of the HIGHWAY 99 Series[LINK].

as it should be.

cherrypie.jpgThe opening movements of this new year in ’08 Major come from Napa … wine country for as long as Mr. Global Warming decides to move LA up there.

The Cherry Pie Criteriums[LINK] … silliest bike race on the calendar.

This criterium is half a corporate-lo-cal-critterbox, and half a wanna-be Nevada City slaughterfest of suffering. The race has a bit of charm and appeal with that handle-banger 180-degree turn on top of the (i hate the-)Sprinter’s Hill.

But, mostly it’s just an opportunity for big legs to chase down big lungs in the eternal battle of NorCal supremecy between critsprintbeasties and breakawaybikeflighters. I’ve seen riders pound away solo, lap after lap, chased down in that steady, soul-crushing inertia that the fat, drafted pack has.

screw the pack!!! LONG LIVE THE BREAKAWAY!

I hope to see a few of the TofC hopefulls out there getting in big turns at the front, drilling uphill bigring monsterwatt horsemeat thigh bursts at us.

wee.jpgbring it, cyclistas. it’s doubtful we’ll have any local sprinters win this event this year … too many visiting dignitaries here for the ToC on the men’s side, and the NRC Opener’s on the women’s side.

well … who knows, maybe we can sneak in a bike throw, or two.


2 Responses

  1. testing

  2. Olympic year.

    Those words give me shivers…both kinds.

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