hmm … is this thing on?

i dunno … not sure if I’m ready to get back into the daily publishing game. But, might as well start dinking around with this wordpress-y interface.

Let’s throw in some Daily Randoms!

timmyjs_newshoes.jpgU-S-A at the W_O_R_L_D_S!

yup, it’s Page vs TREBON in all the velopress as to who will be the top American at the italian crosschampsdelmundo. I dunno … having Cyclocross World’s in Italy just seems a little weird. I mean .. Italian is San Remo and topless heroine-chic.

Belgium cobbles are what Cross Worlds is all about. Thick beers, pungent cigaroons and mayonized freetes are what we want smeared on our rain slickers … not limoncello and hair gel.


Anyway ~ so, it’s a bit of west coast/east coast rivalry with Mass-ish’ Page and OReGoneTreBON eye’ing each other from across a continent … willing the other to break stare as they twitter away at why they didn’t get this result or that amount of support from a euro-boss who just doesn’t understand!!!

Me? I’m not all that interested.

9balls.jpgThis year … there is only one Cyclocross racer in America. And that is …
the 9-ball, TJohnson.

This is the guy. He’s funny, charming, hot as shit on a bike, and a true professional under the spandex.
give it up to the man. I’m glad he earned those stripes again.
– – –



what the %$@! was I thinking?

PROMAN had the Rob Evans-sponsored World Cup Fundraiser for our local professional track playas.

The last storms still had power KO’d at the park, and Rob took the big pull and went down HomeDepot-way to steal a generator of power for djSnead to thump all nite on.
The tunes were wicked good, of course, even if Josh let slip a few muthafuckas through the pg-13 filtah.

bjmprettyboy_sabine.jpgBennyJM is obviously working in on his TourDayCalifornia-form. It was just horrible to be anywhere near his calves on the track. They have generate an incredible amount of turbulence when he pedals that stupid bike of his.

Still, BJM showing huge manliness is not any big surprise … but, i reckon we’re just fine in being continually surprised by Shelley Olds’ power in a pocket. It’s just ridiculous that a wee-creature like that should be able to ride bicycles that fast and gruntily. I mean, she came around me one time about 70 laps into the race … and it about popped my springs off.

olds_brennan.jpgshe’s like some damn magical beast from a Tolkein novel. i keep expecting to be felled like an antelope during a breakaway attempt out there. i have this image of Olds materializing a bow out of one of her pigtails and thunk’ing me and a couple other guys down to the ground faster than we can utter “dionysus.”

trackies_sabine.jpgThe racing on the track is going to be HUGE this year. Of course Andy Mendonca took off on an opening whistle flyer … it’s in his genetic make-up. I’m just so disappointed he’s riding in that ugly-ass Lombardi’s kit. I mean, they’re a strong enough group of racers … but come’on, do we have to see those almost-black, not-quite brown and orange/white kits all over the place?

lomboodies.jpgLombardi’s is like what UPS delivery uniforms would look like if they were gay.

But, the racing really was hot.

mmm … ok, that feels a little bit better. maybe i’ll try another post later.


18 Responses

  1. Leaving a comment is sort of tedious. Can that be fixed somehow?

  2. Or maybe you don’t have to fill in all the boxes

  3. tedious? try posting on this stupid wordpress.

    i don’t like it.

  4. and you don’t have to fill in any boxes

  5. but it still doesn’t do the automatic linky thing. If you want a linky thing, you have to type in the url yourself

  6. yeah, I can’t read your post untill you make it all pretty.

    I think you should keep trying with the .org version

  7. nah, I tried…can’t read it honey.

  8. we purchased wordpress for my main site 2 years ago and never integrated it which is why I’m still on blogger.

    speaking of which, could you please change my link to

    looking forward to some new scribblins!

  9. ooh! my URL in the last comment is white/invisible…..

  10. LOVE your comment about the Lombardi’s kits!! You’re spot on!!

  11. hi. just here looking around.

  12. nice site….

    i’d like to request a new name….how about AszAsz…

  13. Lombardi kits bad? You’ve got to be kidding me! Have you seen the kit Hernando will be wearing this year? Hands down the ugliest kit, besides maybe Alto Velo. Black red and white is the new purple from mountain biking 20 years ago.

  14. Howdy. Missed the scribblins. Glad to see you are back. If you are having le issues with WordPress, Itinerant Rick is your man. He had slain and mastered the beast. Or Flandria. She seems to have tamed it nicely. 🙂

  15. Not much experience with the hosted version of WordPress, but I use the “roll your own” variant of it over on my site, and for the company blog; and it is that of which Ms. Chatterbox speaks.

    Seems like one of the sticking points for folks, esp VB, is facing those boxes for Name, etc. when leaving a comment. Looks like you has turned off requiring them to be filled, so comments can be anonymous. Without the Googleator monster for authentication, like blogspot, no easy way to get those filled in auto-magically. A pain point, for sure.

    But …. two issues I see; the links are appearing as white on white – not so easy to locate. And either the editor in the hosted version has been stripped down, or you’ve missed the little icon that looks like a chain link to help you make the linkie thingy.

    Fun times. Now get back to postin’ so all us junkies can get a fix 🙂

  16. oooh, by the way …

    Missed coming out and playing with all you kids at Hellyer last Sat. nite. Had been planning on it for weeks, then my lungs filled up with all this crap. If I;d been there I probably would have slimed more than a few folks, so I stayed in my isolation ward instead.

  17. I think I can say thanks to something in that…. ha

    It was a nice relaxing move with the support and no stress atmosphere I was looking for. That and Palez rocks!!! It was either go to a team that paid for things and didn’t ask anymore than you wanted to give, or take a few years off to get the first bill in the bank…..

    I wont bag on the VOS kit since I have a thing for black and red, but I will sit a bit stunned since you were in a pastel flowery kit that same day…. ha

    at least yours didn’t have the extra “love handle” padding sewn into it….

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